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Información básica
Tipo de negocio: Fabricante, Empresa de Trading
Producto/Servicio: Utensilios de cocina comercial (Trolley, carro de Rack, bote, mesa de trabajo, GN Pan), caldera de agua eléctrico
Ubicación: Guangdong, China
Año de Fundación: 2015
Año de inicio en la exportación: 2008
Núm. de Empleados: 51 - 100 personas
Ingresos totales(Año anterior): confidential
Principales Mercados: Sur de Europa,Oriente Medio,Mercado interno,Sudeste Asiático,Norte de Europa
Certificados del producto: CB,CB,CE
Tiempo de entrega promedio: 30 días
Perfil de la empresa

Heavybao commercial kitchenware is the supplier and manufacturer of general kitchen equipment, kitchenware, buffet products and tableware for the hospitality and catering industries. Since its founding by Mr. Benmen Huang, Heavybao has experienced continuous growth, and now has plants of 20,000 sqaure meters and 150 plus employees. Heavybao's core activities are product research & development, mould design, a focus on quality and customer-based service. Our extensive catalogue consists of over 600 products and we are still developing more innovative products and new solutions for the professional catering market. In order to meet our customers' specific designs and needs, we continue to introduce advanced technology and production methods, including laser machinery, NC cutting machines, and the latest model hydraulic machines. To keep pace with global high-quality standards, Heavybao manufactures products under strict international guidelines. Our quality control team oversees the manufacturing processes, ensuring only the best products are made. In 2015, we became a member of the BSCI(Business Social Compliance Initiative) in order to provide better service to our customers, and encourage compliance with international standards. Moving forward, we will continue to put greater effort on quality management, as well as continuing to provide our excellent customer-oriented service. To make our corporation much more effective, we always, and will, aim to: provide better packaging; solve problems more efficiently and shorter delivery times. We will continue to create win-win situations with all our customers. Heavybao people, making any mission possible. Heavybao kitchenware, bringing you a better life anywhere. Best kitchenware, anywhere.

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Capacidad de la compañía

Capacidad de comercio Sur de Europa : 26.97% Oriente Medio : 20.24% Ver más
Capacidad de producción Tamaño de la fábrica : 10,000-30,000 metros cuadrados Nº de líneas de producción : 10 Ver más
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Ms. Christine Ouyang
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