Wansongtang Slimming Tea Natural Herbal Remedy of Weight Loss Body Slim Green Tea Herbs Blending Diet Tea Chinese Traditional

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$1.90 - $2.50 / Bolso | 100 Bolso/s (Pedido mínimo)
Ayuda Transporte marítimo
Lead Time:
Cantidad(Bolso/s) 1 - 3000 >3000
Hora del Est.(días) 10 Negociable
Personalización gráfica (Min. Order: 1000 Bolso/s)
Embalaje personalizado (Min. Order: 1000 Bolso/s)


Logotipo personalizado (Min. Order: 1000 Bolso/s) Menos
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Descripción general
Detalles rápidos
Té para adelgazar
Grupo de edad:
Bajo en grasa, Bajo en sal, Sin azúcar, Orgánico, Baja en carbohidratos, Sin nicotina, Bajo en sodio
100% schmerbals
Lugar del origen:
Hubei, China
Wan canción Tang
Número de Modelo:
De té para adelgazar
Nombre del producto::
Té adelgazante de hierbas 14 días mejor té de desintoxicación Etiqueta Privada pérdida de peso
Bolsas de té personalizadas, bolsa de té con etiqueta privada y caja de lata
Desintoxicación de salud/té dietético, Té natural adelgazante, pérdida de peso del té verde
Alternativa grado::
Comida & Ceremonial grado
La información de la empresa::
22 años de experiencia en la fabricación de té
Muestra gratis para una caja
Directamente desde nuestra granja de té y buen servicio, tierra fresca
La vida útil:
2 años
Capacidad de suministro
Capacidad de suministro:
300000 Bag/Bags per Day
Embalaje y envío
Wansongtang Slimming Tea Natural Herbal Remedy of Weight Loss Body Slim Green Tea Herbs Blending Diet Tea Chinese Traditional :
Tea+filter paper bag + plastic envelop+carton
(Private custom, OEM , ODM )
The type of outer box is customized by customers: kraft paper bags; paper boxes, gift boxes, etc.;
Inner bag style: triangle bag, square bag, single bag, double bag, etc. are customized by customers.
Wuhan, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou
Lead Time :
Cantidad(Bolso/s) 1 - 3000 >3000
Hora del Est.(días) 10 Se negociará

Wansongtang Slimming Tea Natural Herbal Remedy of Weight Loss Body Slim Green Tea Herbs Blending Diet Tea Chinese Traditional Tea

Product Description


1.100% natural. No chemicals or preservatives.

2.Traditional Chinese herbal medicine, natural extract.

3.Dosage forms: bag bubble, instant, ultrafine powder, nylon triangle bag, meal replacement powder, dietary fiber powder, foot bath foot powder, candy tea pillow, etc.

4.Function: Five elements of health, internal regulation of external use, full effect;

5.Our group has 22 years of professional development experience since 1996 . We own 100 thousand levels (pharmaceutical grade /GMP) purification workshop . We provide ODM/OEM service for customers.



Product NameHerbal 14 Days Detox Morning & Evening Tea
ClassificationHerbal Slimming Tea , Weight Loss Tea , Beauty Tea ,
14 Day Detox Morning Tea
14 Day Detox Evening Tea
Specification3g × 14 sachets/bag (Morning) , 3g × 14 sachets/bag (Evening)
Ingredients100% Pure Natural Herbal Food Healthy Ingredients.

Morning tea formula: 

Moringa leaves , Lotus leaves , Cassia seed , Oolong tea , Green tea , 

Dandelion , etc.

Evening tea formula: Chamomile , Pomegranate , Papaya , Malt , Lily , Ganoderma lucidum , 

Suanzaoren , etc.

StorageKeep in a dry and cool place
ShippingShipping by courier company , such as EMS , DHL , UPS , FEDEX , TNT , etc.
Shipping by sea ( LCL , FCL ) or by air, as per buyer’s option .
Dosage & Usage

Place one or two tea bag in a cup, then add fresh boiled water and leave it for 3-4 minutes and it is ready for drinking . 

It can repeatedly brew several times until tasteless.

Health Benefits

Chinese herbal formula that can be used for beauty , detoxification ,

 improvement sleep and skin condition.

Unsuitable CrowdChildren, woman who is pregnant and lactation
NoticesThe product can not replace of drug.






Why choose us:

1.We are the tea factory,which makes more competitive price and faster delivery.

2.Our group has 22 years of professional development experience.

3.We provide ODM/OEM service for customers.

4.High yield——Raw material, production, design, processing, service.Offer coordinated services.

5.We can make the same tea quality as per customer’s tea sample,produce the package as per customer’s size and design,shipment the same quality as per the confirmed sample.

6.We can send the shipment sample before shipment as per customer’s need.

7.We can make the shipment on time as we promise

8.IF you are interested in it , please inquiry to me .

We are one of the biggest OEM manufacturer in China.


Packaging & Shipping





Shipping Methods



Send sample

Estimated Arriving Time

20-30 Days

5-9 Days

5-9 Days


Advantage & Disadvantage

Slow, Low cost, Port to port, customer has to clear custom by themselves or ask for professional broker

Fast, High cost, Port to port, customer has to clear custom by themselves or ask for professional broker

Fast, High cost, Door to door service






2.Determine product formula and type of tea bag/overpack

3.Customer provides packaging design or we provide design

4.Determine product design and product quantity

5.Signing an OEM contract

6.Finished product & delivery




Q: When is the best time to take slimming tea?
A: After full meal, especially one hour after lunch or after supper. Soaking 1 bag with fresh boiling water. Drink it hot, no sugar, no milk, no juice.


Q: Why do I will feel slight abdominal pain after taking the slimming tea?
A: The slimming tea will improve the gastrointestinal function, promote bowels movement, decompose fat and prevent fat absorption.
Very few people may feel a slight bellyache when intestines movement expels defecation. This phenomenon will disappear after toilet.
Improper usage will cause slight abdominal pain, please reduce dosage and do not soak the tea repeatedly.
And we suggest not to take unripe or cold food and beverage within one hour since taking the tea.


Q: Will there be any side effects?
A: There is no side effects . Please feel free to take it . After slim to normal body weight, it is not necessary to take it again.


Q: Why can't I lose weight after taking the slimming tea for 2 days?
A: We are not getting fat in one day, so we shouldn't expect to be slim in a very short time. It's really the fact, though sounds cruelty.
So please keep on taking slimming tea, control the diet and do adequate exercise, then you can be slim faster and in a good health.
But we don't think Skinny Beauty is good. We suggest that you can stop taking the slimming tea when you reach the ideal weight.
Health is the best and most beautiful!


Q: I am pregnant, can I take slimming tea?
A: The slimming tea is not suit to pregnant women and nursing mothers, and women in menstrual period. The slimming tea is also not suit to Children below 14 years old .

Q: I have high blood pressure and diabetics, can I take the slimming tea?
A: Please take the blood pressure tea or sugar balance tea , which can low blood pressure, reduce blood glucose and blood fat, low blood sugar , and is better for your health. Also we have the meal replacement you can eat .

But the tea can not replace the drug / medication .

It is bad to your health if you suddenly withdraw medication during your tea. Please do it slowly and slowly , step by step , and must consult your doctor.


Q: Do you have related certificates?
A: Yes, we have certificates such as FDA, HACCP, GMP , ISO, QS. We own 100 thousand levels (pharmaceutical grade /GMP) purification workshop and also have helped many of our clients to get the local license , such as FDA , Medical license , Food distribution license etc .


Q: How can I get the price list?
A: Please send us the inquiry with your requirements such as ingredients (or the effect wanted), quantity, package, shipping address . OEM and ODM are available . We will reply you in 12 hour during working days.

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For more products , services and information , please send us inquiry at once ! 

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