Física ED terapia de choque sw8 li-eswt ed 1000 extracoporeal terapia de ondas de choque eswt comprar

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Shanghai, China
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1 año, 12 meses
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Shockwave terapia Toch
Cura la disfunción eréctil, cuidado saludable para hombres
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Portátil para smartwave
Equipo de terapia de onda de choque extracorpórea sw8
Tratamiento de la disfunción eréctil, Agrandamiento del pene
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La disfunción eréctil masculina equipo
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Shockwave sw8
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CE Certificado.
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Valid from 2014-07-01 until 2049-12-31
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500 Set/Sets per Month shockwave therapy eswt
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Artículo: Terapia de ondas de choque
Modelo: BS-SWT2X
All ports
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Physical ED therapy shockwave sw8 li-eswt ed 1000 extracoporeal shock wave therapy eswt buy

Model : BS-SWT2X

Brand : Smart-wave Shockwave Machine

Type : Electric Radail Shock Wave Device

Erectile Dysfunction


Extracoporeal shock wave therapy equipment  , BS-SWT2X 


In 1998, erectile dysfunction (ED) sufferers received a game-changer: That’s when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Viagra as the first oral pill to treat ED.

Viagra and other meds considered PDE5 inhibitors—which work by boosting blood flow to your penis—have become mainstays in ED treatment. In fact, 75 percent of men with ED who receive treatment are prescribed them, according to a Southern Illinois University School of Medicine study.

But they don’t work for all guys—and some men, like those who take meds like nitrates for heart issues can’t use Viagra in the first place. (Here are 6 mistakes you’re making with your ED drugs.)



That’s why scientists have been continually searching for other methods to treat erectile dysfunction. One that seems promising? Shockwave therapy.

In fact, a new study published in Sexual Medicine of 192 sexual health experts at the 18th Congress for the European Society for Sexual Medicine show that support for it is growing: Seventy-two percent of the experts surveyed believed that low-intensity shockwave therapy is effective for treating ED.

With shockwave therapy, clinicians apply a probe to the penis to send energy from acoustic waves to different parts of the penis, the International Society for Sexual Medicine explains. The hope is that this helps new blood vessels form, which would improve blood flow to the penis—vital to getting and maintaining an erection. Each session lasts about 15 to 20 minutes, and while you may feel some tingling, it usually doesn’t hurt.



The principle is that shock waves are applied to the penis through a probe on the skin.  It is believed that the shock waves cause mild trauma to the blood vessels, which then release growth factors.  These growth factors stimulate the formation of new blood vessels (neoangeogenesis) as well as repair of the lining of the existing blood vessels (the endothelium.) Other theories suggest that it may break up the plaque blocking the blood flow in small vessels, or it may cause stem cells to migrate to the area, which then create new blood vessels.



Unlike other ED treatments, shockwave therapy is a safe, drug-free, non-invasive and non-surgical procedure with little or no known side effects. What’s more, the procedure has little to no downtime; you will be able to resume normal activity the same day of treatment.


The improved erection quality caused by shock wave therapy allows for:

Harder and more full erectionsImproved sexual performanceImproved sensitivity
Long-term results of shockwave therapy have been shown to last up to two years. Maintenance treatment sessions can preserve these effects, continuing to improve sexual performance and eliminating the need for ED medications to achieve an erection adequate for sexual activity.


The most dramatic difference between LI-ESWT treatment and all of the other (non-surgical prosthesis) treatments is that, if it proves effective for a patient, he will no longer need to rely on pills, injections or other medication each time he has sex. Or, he may need a less invasive method than he was using previously to get and maintain a good erection.



Product Description


BS-SWT2X Smartwave uses the latest electric-magnetic technology, without air-compressor, so comes with longer lifecycle, at the same time it can provide higher energy and frequency for better treatment result. From technical view, BS-SWT2X can reach energy from 10mJ (0.25Bar) to 190mJ (5Bar), adjustable at stepping 10mJ(0.25Bar). Frequency ranges from 1Hz to 22Hz adjustable.


BS-SWT2X has rich software, include: 38 pre-set treatment protocols, wizard-treatment menu, unlimited customized settings, customer profile management. From the view of patient's feeling, BS-SWT2X provides more comfortable feeling, thus even customer receive same dosage in treatment they will have better feeling (less pain).



From the view of transmitter, BS-SWT2X has 5 different alloy made transmitters targeting to different depth and treatment disease.It includes 6mm, 15mm, 15mm unfocused, 25mm, 36mm, which covers most applications for physical treatments as well as aesthetics treatments.

From the operation mode view, BS-SWT2X supports continuous output or burst output. For certain treatments, burst mode is much more effective and more acceptable for clients.

From the view of user interface, BS-SWT2X uses high resolution 7.4 Inch touch screen with user-friendly knob to adjust parameters conveniently during operation.




Smart-wave shock wave system specification


Shockwave type Radial
Therapeutic penetration depth 30-45mm
Output Channel 2-channels output
Energy 10-190mJ,stepping 10mJ
Frequency 1-22Hz
Pulse mode Continuous or Burst
Transmitter 5 alloy-made transmitters
Customer Profile Profile management and history record 
Encyclopeida Live Help with pre-set parameters
Treatment Protocols 30+8 preset protols
Customer profile Management Yes
User Defined settings Yes
Multi-Language Yes
Conformity EN60601-1-2,EN61000-3-2/3,EN60601-1:2006


F&Q Shock wave ED

1. How does Shockwave Therapy differ from other ED treatments?

Most other therapies involve the continuing use of medication, or invasive treatments such as injections and implants, whereas shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment which triggers a natural mechanism that cures vascular-related ED problems rather than just treating the symptoms.
2. What is the procedure?
There will be an initial consultation at our Harley Street Clinic, which involves a thorough physical examination as well as a comprehensive screening to assess whether patients are suitable for shockwave treatment. Once this has been determined, the patient will be given four short therapy sessions lasting approximately 30 minutes each over a four-week period.
3. Where does it take place?
The treatments are performed in one of our discreet, private consulting rooms, with only the therapist being present.
4. What preparation is necessary?
A patient does not need to make any changes to their daily routine prior to the session, as the treatment is non-invasive. No anaesthesia or sedation is needed, and the patient will not be required to wear a gown.
5. Is it Painful?
The treatment is pain-free and patients may only feel a tingling sensation, not unlike pins and needles.
6. How safe is Shockwave Therapy for ED?
There are no reported side-effects during or after the therapy, and the treatment is proven to be safe. Patients can carry on with their normal activities immediately following each treatment session.

7. Who will benefit from ED Shockwave treatment?
Most patients suffering from vasculogenic (i.e. disorder or dysfunction of the blood vessels) ED or diabetes are ideal candidates for treatment. The treatment is patient-friendly, has no side-effects and can be used for all patients, even those on anticoagulants. There is no age barrier in treating ED (research states that 50% of men over 70 are still having regular sex), although the prevalence of ED does increase with age. The sooner a patient seeks treatment for ED from medical specialists, the better the outcome will be.
8. Is the Treatment Effective?
Early indications are that the treatment improves the quality of erections in over 70% of patients with vasculogenic ED or diabetes.
9. When will you see Results?
Patients have reported noticeable improvements within three weeks of beginning the course.


Packaging & Shipping

Packing : Standard export packing ( Aluminum alloy box , CARTON , Wood Carton ) .


Delivery : Within 1-3 work day after receive your payment .




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