Tela no tejida esfuerzo HOJA DE Dashi

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Non Woven Fabric Straining Sheet for Dashi



Japanese soup stock "Dashi" is necessary for Japanese cuisine. Japan made soup stock cloth series are tough and hygienic. Not only for Japanese food, but also for French, Chinese or all kinds of food.

Following items are for making Dashi. Various type of items are lined up.




Soup Stock Bag / Cloth





Disposable type



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Who are Ebematsu Shoji?


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•A convenience store for restaurants, we have variety of 90,000items.

If we have stock, we can send out immediately.
•We almost provide everything you could need for restaurants, such as culinary tools, accessories, etc. 
•We handle 90,000 products.
•Our warehouse is 40,000m².
•The minimum order amount is USD 1,000.00 per order.



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50,000 products in stock at our 40,000m² warehouse, We have a large amount of stocks so as to be able to meet bulk orders as well.

Because of adjoining warehouses, order delivery is speedy.


We participate HOTERES Show in Tokyo every year.

Please drop in on our booth  when you come to Tokyo!!


If you have any inquiry, please feel free to let us know.



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Shipped within approximately 7 days of receiving order and confirming deposit (if stocks are available)

via EMS or any other shipping way after confirming your payment with T/T or Paypal.




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We will pack by Corrugate Card Board and ship out by any shipping way Air, Ocean, Courier.   



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