Multifunción de fideos de la máquina/Pequeño pasta de la máquina de hacer

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Alimentos y Bebidas de la fábrica, Restaurante, Tienda de alimentos, Alimentos y Bebidas tiendas
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Video de apoyo técnico
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150 kg/h
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Henan, China
380 V
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200 kg
Fabricante de fideos
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Industria de procesamiento de alimentos
De baja energía de alta velocidad
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Harina de trigo
De plata
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Una persona
1 año
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Cantidad(Sets) 1 - 20 >20
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Multifunction noodle making machine/rice cake making machine/rice noodle making machine

Characteristics of Noodle Making Machine

Multi-functional corn pasta machine, also known as whole grain noodle machine, can not only produce pure corn noodles, but also produce noodles, sorghum, millet, bean noodles and other miscellaneous grains. You can also use rice soaked for 2 hours, peeled corn bran, glutinous rice and other raw materials to make a variety of flavors of noodles and noodles to meet the tastes of different consumer groups. As well as noodles, wheat cold noodles, etc., it is also possible to use rice to produce rice noodles, which is multi-purpose and practical.

After a new technological innovation, the design of the machine is more reasonable. In addition to the heat generated by the self-grinding, the machine adds an automatic constant temperature heating system to the periphery of the spiral to ensure that the machine is put into the dough and the cooked noodles are output. The noodles are cooked after the machine is out, and an automatic air drying system is added to the lower part of the machine so that the produced noodles do not stick together because of the high temperature and humidity. It completely solves the problem that the old noodles of the old equipment are not mature enough due to structural design defects.
1. The machine adopts the hot layer of the electric heating device, and the thermostat controls the curing temperature for easy operation.
2, a multi-purpose machine: can produce grains and noodles, rice noodles rice noodles, rice cakes, wire noodles, cold noodles, cold noodles, vermicelli, fans, jelly and so on.
3, easy to operate, low labor intensity.

The machine is small in size, light in weight, low in energy consumption, high in efficiency, and can be fixed or flowable, easy to operate, easy to learn, and can be operated by one person. There is no heavy physical activity in the work, and the average person can be qualified for production.

Parameter of Noodle Making Machine

Power3kw 220V11kw 380V




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Our company

Zhengzhou Taizy machinery Co. Ltd. is a professional company in design and research, manufacturing, sales and service for a variety of food machines, including large and medium sized kitchen special equipment, fruit and vegetable processing equipment, meat processing equipment, snack food equipment, fresh-keeping refrigeration equipment, soy products equipment, food packaging equipment and other related machines. Our company's machines are sold to Southeast Asia, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Mozambique, Zambia, Ghana, Pakistan, Spain, Kazakhstan, India, Japan, Korea, United Arab Emirates, and more than 100 countries and regions.

Customer feedback


1. About the machine and service?

    If you have any problems after receiving the machine or during use (machine installation, use method, replacement parts, how to maintain, precautions, etc.), please feel free to contact me, we will provide the best solution. 24 hours online service to solve any problem. Your satisfy is our pursuit. Sincerely hope our cooperation .

2. If we have problems when using this machine, what should we do?

    If you have any problem, just contact us, we will help you to solve it, and if necessary, we will arrange our engineers to help you in your country.

3. Does your company accept customization?

   We have excellent design team,and we can accept OEM.

4. How to identify 304 stainless steel and 201 stainless steel?

    Once you buy our machine, we will give you a stainless steel identification solution to meet your requirements.

5. Can you guarantee your quality?

    Of course. We are the manufacture factory. More important, we put a high value on our reputation. Best quality is our principle all the time. You can be assured on our production completely. 

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