Los hombres de pelo eliminación crema al por mayor

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MONOVO Men's Hair Removal Cream
Name of Product:
remover cream SP
Active ingredient:
calcium thioglycolic acid
Use time:
Capacidad de suministro
Capacidad de suministro:
5000 Box/Boxes per Month
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Fukuoka Airport, Hakata Port
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Hair Removal Cream

Monovo Hair Removal Cream

How often do you regret drinking too much? Perhaps you often must work after a night of drinking? Autumn Turmeric White gives you back the morning you were about to lose!

Save Time and Hassle

Shaving via traditional methods is bothersome or even painful task. Especially men have so much hair that grows quickly that it may seem like an impossible task to remove all the hair. Permanent hair removal can be very expensive, and waxing is  not suited for some people and is also painful.

Our product is a painless, quick and easy way to remove body hair!

Smooth and Clean Skin

Furthermore, MONOVO Hair Removal Cream contains moisturizing ingredients, protecting the skin from damage after hair removal. Thanks to this, MONOVO Hair Removal Cream does not cause pain or rough skin, unlike most depilatory creams.
It also contains suppressive agents such as soy extract that reduce further hair growth, making hair removal easier over time! Because of this, we recommend this product to those who are tired of cuts from shaving, or the pain from waxing their body hair!


MONOVO is dedicated to creating products for men to take care of their appearance. Taking care of yourself gives you a huge advantage both in professional and dating life. 

Product Details
Item name
MONOVO Men's Hair Removal Cream
Product Category
Hair Removal Cream
Active Ingredient
Calcium Thioglycolic Acid
Cetyl alcohol, Cetostearyl alcohol, Concentrated glycerin,1,3-butylene glycol,
Stearyl alcohol, Squalane, Polyoxyethylene cetyl ether, The phosphoric acid cetyl,
Ceteth-10 phosphate, Calcium hydroxide, Parahydroxybenzoic acid ester, Sodium pyrosulfite, Natural vitamin E, Edetic acid four sodium four monohydrate, Belamcanda chinensis extract, Cherry tree leaf extract, Soybean extract, Hydrangeae dulcis folium extract, Isodon japonicus extract (1),Several psyllium seed extract, Shark's owl extract, Artists Chalk Extract, Peach leaf extract, Ajiitzu extract, Chinpi extract, Novara extract, hydrolyzed collagen solution, sodium hyaluronate (2), citric acid, purified water, perfume
Product Capacity
Effect and Purpose
Removal of unwanted hairs
How to Use
- You should apply enough to cover the unwanted hair completely. If you fail to do so, the product might not be effective at removing the hair properly.
- After ten minutes of application, please remove the cream with a tissue or cloth.
- Once you finish removing your hair, rinse the remainder of the product off with warm water or a wet cloth.
- Do not apply the cream for more than ten minutes a day even in the case that you could not remove all your hair. In the case that you could not remove everything, repeat the procedure on the following day.
- After the procedure, avoid alkaline or milk-based lotions or products on the skin.
- Test on an inconspicuous part of the body before use. Please use the product only after confirming that there are no abnormal reactions.
- If your skin reacts badly to the product, please avoid using the product.
- In the following cases we recommend consultation with a dermatologist
<1>Skin redness, Skin swelling, Itchy skin, Color missing (Exudate), Abnormality such as darkening of the skin
<2> When sunlight causes any of the effects listed in <1>.
- Do not apply on wounds, swelling, eczema and other abnormal parts.
- Don't use it for your face or pubic area.
- Don't use it before, during and after the menstruation, before and after childbirth, or when you are ill from a disease.
- Please do not apply too much or with force.
- If you get the product in your eyes, please rinse immediately in running water.
- Keep the lid tightly closed after use. Please don't put it in the high-temperature place. Protected from light in a dry place.
- Keep out of the reach of children.
- Color variation may occur. This does not affect quality.
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