Último médico cavitación crio bien adelgazamiento de frecuencia de radio crio el contorno del cuerpo crio la lipólisis máquina

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$1,000.00 - $3,999.00 / Set | 1 Set/s (Pedido mínimo)
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Reino Unido UE Nosotros CN
Ayuda Transporte marítimo
Logotipo personalizado (Min. Order: 20 Set/s)
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Descripción general
Detalles rápidos
Lugar del origen:
Guangdong, China
Número de Modelo:
Sistema de cavitacion al vacio
Pérdida de peso
Sistema de operación:
De entrada:
AC110V/220 V 50-60Hz
800 W
10 ~ 80kpa
Grasa profunda disolución
La humedad relativa:
La presión atmosférica:
Líquido de enfriamiento:
Agua pura o refrigerante especial
Temperatura fresca:
5 °C-15 °C
Capacidad de suministro
Capacidad de suministro:
300 Set/Sets per Month
Embalaje y envío
Accesorios de embalaje: 61*51*21 cm
Embalaje de la máquina principal: 70*48*112 cm

Latest medical cavitation cryo cool slimming radio frequency cryo body contouring cryo lipolysis machine


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What is technical parameters of our cryolipolysis machine ?

Picducts show of our cryolipolysis machine ?

Cryolipolysis machine feature :

1.the size 200 handpiece can be used for special stubborn fat
2.non-invasive treatment
3.obvious effect
4.do not effect the daily activity after treatment 
5.two handles can work at the same time

6.4 therapy heads with different sizes (100size,150size*2, 200size )

7. automatic massage during treatment makes the whole process enjoyable 

Cryolipolysis results:

How cryolipolysis fat freeze liposuction machine works?

Triglyceride in fats will be converted into solid in particular low temperatures.It uses advanced cooling technology to selectively target fat bulges and eliminate fat cells through a gradual process that does not harm the surrounding tissues, reduce unwanted fat, when fat cells are exposed to precise cooling, they trigger a process of natural removal that gradually reduces the thickness of the fat layer.And the fat cells in the treated area are gently eliminated through the body’s normal metabolism process, to eliminate unwanted fat.

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FAQ for our cryopolysis machine ?

A.What is the process of the freeze fat-dissolving method?
Complete the treatment table-Ask and check the physical condition-Locate the treated area-Paste antifreeze membrance-Begin to treatment-Having rest after finished,if no discomfort you could leave.

B.How does the freeze fat-dissolving method work?
Frozen wave controlled by non-invasive launcher percisely work on the treated parts,in particularly the parts of the body that need to remove the fat cells,the whole process lasts about 1 hour.


C.What is common reaction after treatment?
The treatment is completely non-invasive,allows real-time normal activities such as work or sports.Treatment area may be red,the situation may last several minutes or several hours.It may also lead to local bruising and will subside within a few weeks.Some patients will feel a littl non-sensitive of the treatment area,it'll subside in one to eight weeks.


D.What is different from ours with other dissolving fat methods?
Benefits:one time can take away a lot of fat.
Notice:need general anesthesia whole body,may be leave scars,or appear body asymmetry,and a risk of fatal.
2.RF energy or strong sound waves fat exploded:
Benefits:it can deal with the deep fat.
Notice:maybe damaged normal cells and feel pain.
3.Freeze fat dissolving method:
Benefits:no harm normal cells.
Notice:You must control the need treatment area accurately,and appear swelling after treatment.


E.How long a treatment last?
Each course last about one hour,we recommend doing 2-3 treatments every two or three months.


F.Does the course has a recovery period?
The freeze fat dissolving method is non-invasive treatment,both before and after treatment will not affect normal lifestyle,office ladies even can do treatment at noon break.

Our service 

Manufacturer: We are professional beauty devices leading manufacturer.

Product: Our products range including: ultrasonic, rf,cavitation & vacuum,water oxygen ,lipo laser, cryolipolysis, Thermage, etc.

R&D: One-stop services:

Mold design - PCB design- Software programming – Interface and Functions design- New technology development - Assemble testing

Value added services:

OEM&ODM service for distributor.

Free customized logo setting.

After sale service : professional after sell service department working for you.

1 year free warranty, lifetime maintain support, 24 hours calling service.

Reputation: highly praised, positive feedback from clients.

Payment ways:T/T(wire transfer),western union,paypal and money gram.

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