Japanese high quality delicious sencha "oishi green tea"

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Té verde
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té saludable
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Tsukasa Seicha
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Japanese tea
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Capacidad de suministro:
2000.0 Pack/Packs per Week
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Safe packaging with cushion inserts placed inside 50x40x30cm reinforced cardboard boxes.
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[Healty]Let's enjoy staying at home with green tea! [Sencha]



-Japanese high quality delicious sencha "oishi green tea "  - 


The Japanese tea leaves can be packed into bags

(from 50g to 5kg) to meet your demands.


You can select the quality of Japanese tea based on your demands.


You can select the type of Japanese tea based on your demands

(green tea, (Hojicha) roasted green tea, tea with Matcha powdered green tea,

tea with unpolished rice, etc.)



Product Description



We stock a wide variety of Japanese teas carefully selected from

tea producing areas throughout Japan.
We are able to ship these teas to meet your demands.


We can handle requests to pack tea bags from 100g up to 5kg.
As we pack our tea bags to meet customer needs,

we carry an abundant variety of bag types.



The quality of our teas varies from a cheap tea for further processing up to a high-grade tea for contest exhibition.   
Our teas come in a variety of shapes, from those that are long and thin,

like a needle, to those that come in a powder-like form.
The flavors of our teas are also abundant in variety,

from those that have an astringent taste to those that taste sweet.
You can customize your orders freely.
You can also designate which tea producing areas you would like.


We stock a variety of different Japanese tea types.
The standard Japanese tea is “Ryokucha” (green tea), known for its vivid green color.


  “Hojicha” is created by roasting this green tea.
This tea is famous for its aromatic scent.


In addition, “Genmaicha”, which is made of a blend of green tea with roasted unpolished rice called “Genmai”, is a type of tea unique to Japan.


Recently, a tea made with a blend of Ryokucha and Matcha has been popular.


Matcha is also very delicious blended together with Genmaicha.


In addition, blending Hojicha with “Sobacha”,

which is made with roasted Soba buckwheat seeds, also makes for a delicious tea.


Our Matcha is made from 100% Camelia sinensis leaves. 


Packaging & Shipping



We have variety packaging forms.

 Size : 30g - 2kg

 Form : Can, ziplock standbag, vacuumed foil bag, box etc...

And we can print and paste private label on them.






Method:We basically use EMS to ship our products.

Fee :It depends on packaging and amount.


<Reference Date>In case of amout:500g=the weight of Our Sample Set

1/ Unitede Kingdom

Fee:about 22USD

2/ Unitede States(Washington,Califolnia) ,Canada
Fee:about 20USD

3/Russian Federation
Fee:about 22USD

4/Australia,New Zealand
Fee:about 20USD

Fee:about 14USD

Fee:about 14USD

Fee:about 24USD

Our Services


[ MOQ ]

We can send our tea from 3kg.

For example, if you need the Matcha in 100g aluminum bag, MOQ is 50pcs.

We don't provide dropshiping service

 * We can ship 1-2kg as your try order.

    If you are interest in it, please feel free to let me know.




If you are interested in, we can send you the sample.

( The sample is max 3 types of tea in 20g foil bags )

The sample price is USD30 including shipping cost.

This is the special price for you.

At first, please try it.



If you purchase more than 50kg tea, we will give you a 10% discount.

Company Information



As a wholesaler located in a consumption area,

we have sold tea wholesale to tea specialty shops for 35 years.

As a result, we are able to provide a stable supply of superior teas chosen for their

special attributes from not only one area but from tea producing areas throughout






[ Payment]

Our payment term is 100% advanced payment by only Pay Pal.



Our tea have following certifications.

Sencha       : organic JAS

 Matcha       : organic JAS

 Genmaicha : organic JAS

 Gyokuro     : organic JAS

Houjicha/Houjicha powder :organic JAS

 Kombuch    : non-organic





Our organic matcha are certified only by organic JAS.

Japan, United States, EU have recognized equivalence of organic systems to each other.

Therefore, our organic matcha can be put the EU and USDA logo.


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