Caliente-Venta de alta calidad y a bajo precio nuevo estilo portátil máquina nebulización de alta presión del sistema de refrigeración

  • 1 - 99 Set/s
  • >=100 Set/s
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Descripción general
Detalles rápidos
Lugar del origen:
Guangdong, China
Número de Modelo:
Seco niebla sistema de humidificación
De Metal
Seco niebla sistema de humidificación
Tensión de:
220 V/110 V
Área efectiva:
50-150 metros cuadrados
Tamaño de partícula:
5-10 micras
Autocebado o conectar directamente al puerto de agua
Regulación de presión:
Conversión gobernador control
Aire de presión:
Líquido de presión:
Consumo de aire:
0,15-0,2 ㎡/min
Humidificación capacitiva:
13,2 kg/h
Capacidad de suministro
Capacidad de suministro:
10000 Set/Sets per Month
Embalaje y envío
Caja de cartón
China (Guangzhou)

Fog Machine Security Smoke Machine Fog 1500w Fog Machine




Product description:

1. High efficiency Humidification: water consumption 10.4L per hour, 100% atomization, and one single unit can make the humidity up to 50% within 2min.


2. Cooling the indoor temperature: 100% evaporate, can reduce the indoor temp very quickly.


3. High-efficiency dust suppression: during spray, it can produce a large number of negative oxygen ions which will neutralize positive charges so as to absorb and gather the dust particles and then drop down.


4. Disinfection and medication prevention: can be equipped with disinfect mixer to achieve the disinfection function.


5. De-electrostatic: during spraying, it can produce a large number of negative oxygen ions which will neutralize positive charges so as to eliminate static electricity. With the increase of humidity, static electricity will be largely reduced.


Design Features:

1. Controllable pressure setting and coverage;

2. The delay design of airway, effectively prevent nozzle clogging;

3. Optional temperature and humidity control sensor, according to the actual air temperature and humidity, to achieve automatic humidification, cooling;

4. Quick and easy installation. it will work as long as connect to air compressors.


5. Maintenance-free design, longer service life, always maintain a good state of the spray.

Detail photos:






Printing: reduce typing errors, eneven coloring, paper warping phenomenon, reduce paper transporting trouble, improve the clarity of the colour printing.


Electronics: prevent electrostatic demage, electrostatic adsorption and electromagnetic interference.

Plastic industry: reduce the slicer trouble caused by static electricity, to avoid the explosion of combustible gases

Textile industry: reduce disconnection, clothes wrinkling ad unable to shaping events; reduce fiber membrane bending trouble; reduce raw wool twining on the machine.

Paint: avoid air dust, reduce defective caused due to electrostatic bonding.

Food industry: maintain a certain humidity to protect the freshness of the food, accelerate the spped of the food maturing, avoid food cracking in a dry environment.

Farm and garden: maintain humidity balance of the mushroon room, and keep the proper humidity by the humidity sensor.


Paper industry:reduce paper blocking due to the unified specification during the transportation , prevent fire caused by tiny particles.




Company information




Guangzhou Cleaning-spray Equipment Co., Ltd is one of leading company in China specialized in manufacturing and selling tank cleaning nozzles, industrial spray nozzles and other spray product which are widely used in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food and Beverage and other industry. We can provide you with optimal solution according to your requirement.




Our Services


1. Reply your inquiry within 24 hours.
4. Best after-sale service. We accept return if the products is not right specification or damaged when arrived. 
5. Payment Term:T/T , Western Union,Paypal
6. Delivery Term: China Post/ TOLL/ DHL/ UPS/FEDEX Express; Air/ Sea Transportation
7. All products can be customised.







1,Can the products be customized?
Yes, we accept OEM, just send us your layout or actual sample, we can arrange production according your design.

2,Is the MOQ fixed ?
For mass production orders,the MOQ cannot be lowered according to production requirements.For stock items,order quantity can be negotible.

3,How to order?
Please send one RFQ to us, our sales will confirm with you about the specification or other required things, then will send an official invoice to you via mail, which will be included the details of your order and bank information of our company. 

4,How to pay?
We accept the payment via ESCROW, T/T (bank transfer) and Western Union, please inquire us about the details in advance.

5,How long about the production leadtime?
Different products and quantities have different procedures and different timing,normally it needs about 7-14 working days.

6, How to Deliver?
By air, by sea or by express(Fedex, DHL, UPS, TNT etc)

7,How to return ?
Acceptable to the returns when you receive the products because of the following reasons.

1. Product was damaged, lost or missed
2. Different specification from required one.

Before ordering, please select a suitable product for you. As you know, all of us don't expect the return. If your return is the result of our error (you received an incorrect or defective item, etc.) we will cover the cost of return shipping. Please note that you are responsible for the cost of shipping for returns not due to our error.


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