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YZ gemas
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Guangxi, China
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50000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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hot sale oblateness gold chrysanthemum stone natural coral jade for beads making

  • Most reasonable price and awesome coral jade products!
  • Most popular design and cutting coral jade stones!
  • Acceptance of all kinds of customized orders of loose gemstones!
  • Capability of large quantity orders of coral jade gemstones!


Name:hot sale oblateness gold chrysanthemum stone natural coral jade for beads making
 Material:natural coral
 Size:3x3,4x4,5x5,6x6 to 15x15,16x16,17x17,20x20, to 25x25...
 Grade:Auto Machine-AAAA
 Application: brass jewelry, silver jewelry, golden jewelry,gift...
 Features: eco-friendly,nickel free,lead free...
 Payment.W:  Company account, Western Union account...
 MOQ: 100pcs per size, per color, 10pcs available if it is in stock
 Shipping: if have stock 1-2days, customization 8-12days 
 Guarantee:reach quality & quantity customized standard with wholesale price,100% matching model



              a breif introduction to natural coral jade

   Coral hardness is 3.5, relatively soft, but quite tough, you can easily with a knife or a file or rotary machining lathe. Raw materials are bleak coral glossy, almost glass gloss polished. Usually people think that coral is a plant, this is a misunderstanding.


   There are coral color red, pink, white and black four. Most were white as milk, the same color. Use it to make ornaments worn on the navy blue of summer, people can feel as if the tropical sea breeze. Most red coral almost purple, and pink, which Europe has always loved people, calling it as "angel hair." There A black coral from the southeast coast of Alaska and the Hawaiian Islands. In addition, there is a blue coral produced in Africa, but has basically disappeared. Our people and the people of Japan and Southeast Asian countries are more fond of wearing coral jewelry. The ancient Persians, also coral auspicious thing as evil, often to the children to wear.



~~Various customized product shapes waiting for your selection~~




 Various customized shapes & colors waiting for your selection ~:




Knowing about our company:

YiZuan Semiprecious Gems & Jewels Firm owns two factories, one for cutting gemstones, another one for making finished fashion jewelry. Supported by our raw material stores in cities of Wuzhou, Panyu, Sihui, Dongguan, we are capable of large quantity orders of gems. It dose not matter that you are a distributor or wholesaler, we will be very happy to make a business relationship with you.

USINESS are as follows(YZ GEMS): We can offer the Malay Jade, Natural amber, Carnelian and Chrysoprase, Black Agate/Onyx, Amethyst, Tiger Eye, Malachite, Green Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Xinjiang Jade, Smoky Quartz, and Crystal/Clear Quartz, ,Labradorite, Piezo Crystal, Synthetic Gemstone, etc, for totally over 200 kinds of semi-precious gemstones with 100 kinds of customized shapes. Your presence to our cutting factory in Wuzhou will be our great honor.



 I am always here waiting for your contact ~:

TM ID: cn1513257607           MOBIL: 0086-13737876432

QQ: 2831075378                    TEL: 0086-774-3990897 

wechat: yizuan-jewelry         


ADD: B-164 Gem Building, Wuzhou Guangxi, China.

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