De alta velocidad de camping de acero cocinar conjunto Yanagi cuchillo profesional

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Cuchillos Santoku
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Kobe Port, Osaka Port, Fukuoka

High-speed steel camping cook set Yanagi Knife for Professional








Cut slashingly without using strength.Though it is light and is hard to be rusted, the sharpness continues.High-quality grip is made of reinforced laminate wood.Stainless high speed steel is added. High-quality compound kitchen knife santoku 180mm.It is the best used kitchen knife at home of Japan. Though it is excellent at the sharpness, it is hard to be rusted.compound kitchen knife of(santoku kitchen knife)and(high speed steel)high speed steel.High speed steel is commonly used material in machine tools. It will not return to quenchingeven if overheated by cutting at high speed like the drills of the machine tool, so it is called high speed steel.It is the steel comprised of carbon, tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium highly and is very good at the hardness and abrasion resistance which.Because tissue of the steel is rough, it was not suitable for the steel materials of the kitchen knife, but in late years the thing having fine tissue has been adapted by a powder metallurgy technology.The high hardness in the high dimension(sharpness)Abrasion resistant (long sharpness)Non-rust steel (not rusted)"The excellent sharpness without rust" is realized, beacause of sandwiching high speed steel.The kitchen knife is said that sharp so as to be easy to be rusted. When the kitchen knife of the steel (carbon system) is stained by water, even as for several hours, brown rust appear. But in santoku kitchen knife of traditional structure, the center layer (high speed steel) is sandwiched by soft stainless steel.The chromium content rate of both steel materials is high, so it is extremely hard to get rusty.The durability of the sharpness of kitchen knife changes by the difference in materials.Hardness of the kitchen knife. Hardness of the kitchen knife will be better if the materials of become better. The sharpness will last and to be hard to fail if kitchen knife is made of expensive materials.Because the kitchen knife with high speed steel processing is harder than normal stainless steel kitchen knife , the sharpness is excellent, so that cut slashingly without using strength can be done.So Though it is light and is hard to be rusted, it is excellent at the sharpness!Maintenance is easy.It is most suitable toward the dish enthusiast and the housewife standing in the kitchen every day.The stess will not accumulate using kitchen knife of bad sharpness everyday? It well take a burden on hands and make the dish of evey day depressing if the kitchen knife of bad sharpness. In addition, the fiber of ingredients is broken and the section becomes rough,because of cutting with power; a section for a rattling sound.The extra water flows, making the taste bad and the appearance is influenced too.Cut slashingly by light touch without using strength.Love to one kitchen knife.Expertise to one kitchen knife.A tradition and the skill of the craftsman shine. Real Japanese kitchen knife with stone hammer properties.Time goes by for a little less than 100 years since the Ishizuchi Farming Implements Factory, predecessor of Ishizuchi Hardware that makes kitchen knife, was founded by the first generation juuzou kajiura.Beginning with the service of farming implements,then it has dealt with various hardware. The product has spread to tool which for people confront with nature,mount,sea,field,and house,food.We have been send the only good product to everyone and we want to continue it . So we choose the Tosa kitchen knife as one of that.One by one with great deal of effort.With a soul.After heating and forging the soft elastic main body, we crack the steel which has high hardness into it and forge it again. Polish the blade to be shining then attach the carefully made grip to it.Use the kitchen knife made with love to do the cooking with love.This kitchen knives are carefully made one by one through the craftsman’s love to every kitchen knife and proficient skill.We think that hot home meal full of love can’t be cooked without the tools made with love.Sharpness changes just because of one material.Please experience the professional skill.(high quality Japan kitchen knife made in ishituchi)Send real one to you directly.The best used kitchen knife home of Japan.Santoku kitchen knife.Three virtue.Three uses.Santoku kitchen knife is called cultural kitchen knife, all-purpose kitchen knife. The meaning of santoku is three virtue and three uses,which represents that it can cut extensive material such as meat ,fish,vegetable,by a different ways.It is very general kitchen knife as home use,which is easily used for the person who cooks for the first time. We recommend it. The excellect sharpness with moderate solid feeling.Santoku kitchen knife has a basic length of blade 1800mm.From household use to professional one, it is a kitchen knife of the slightly large size that it is easy to use in anything.The beautiful grip of the high-quality laminated reinforcement tree which is high in the durability adjusts to a hand well. It is funny in everyday cooking. The reason of choosing stainless high speed steel kitchen knife.Excellent sharpness.By use of steel called high speed steel, the most powfull sharpness which cut slashingly without using strength is realized. Because of the slashingly cutting, beautiful section of ingredients can be created. The sandwich processing that is hard to get rusty.(high speed steel)and(very soft stainless steel)which have high chromium content rate is materials that is extremely hard to get rusty. Through sandwiching both with traditional interrupt structure,sharpness is excellent but hard to get rusty ideal kitchen knife is created.Light and easy to use.Though it is light you can cut quickly without using strength.not taking burden to wrist, so even cut a lot of ingredients it is hard to be tired, which is easy to handle for female too.Maintenance is easy.Sharpness is excellent but it is hard to get rusty.From grandmother to grandchild. It is the all-around kitchen knife which is usable in three generations.Good dish comes from good tool.craftsmen of Tosa made it with a soul.We will send the kitchen knife which can be used for a long time from grandmother to grandchild.

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