High Quality Insulation Thermal silicone Pad 6w/mk for Heat Sink

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Descripción general
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Lugar del origen:
Guangdong, China
Número de Modelo:
Chapa aislante
Silica gel
LED industrial/cell phone industrial/computer pc industry, etc
Voltaje nominal:
Resistencia a la tracción:
30 psi
Hardness, (Shore A):
Tensile Strength, (psi):
Thermal Conductivity,(W/m-K):
Continuous Use Temp,(°F/℃):
-50 to 200 ℃
Breakdown Voltage, (V):
>2500(thickness)≤0.02inch >4500(thickness)≥0.03inch
Dielectric Constant, (1M HZ):
Flame Rating:
UL94 V0
Density, (g/cc):
Dark grey
Capacidad de suministro
Capacidad de suministro:
2000 Piece/Pieces per Day
Embalaje y envío
plastic bag in carton
Lead Time :
Cantidad(Pieces) 1 - 1000 >1000
Hora del Est.(días) 5 Se negociará
High Quality Insulation Thermal silicone Pad 6w/mk for Heat Sink

Product Description
Product Information 


Product Name
Thermal Pad
Item No.SF600GTest Method
ColorDark greyVisual

Main ingredients

Silica gel
Thickness (inch/mm) 0.5-5.0mm
3.30ASTM D297
Hardness(shore A)60-90ASTM D2240
Tensile Strength
30psiASTM D412
Fire Rating
UL94 V0 Equivalent UL
Breakdown voltage(V)



Volume Resistivity
1.0 X 1013
Dielectric Constant (1M HZ)5.8 ASTM D150
Thermal Conductivity (W/m k)6.0ASTM D5470
Service Temperature

-58 oC- 392 °F
-50 oC ~ 200oC

IntroductionThe SF600G products are mostly used for heat sink, microprocessors and other power consumption semiconductors. This type of adhesive tape possesses ultimate bonding strength with low thermal impedance, with which in effect can be able to replace the method of lubricating grease and mechanical fixing. the method of lubricating grease and mechanical fixing.
Features and Benefits6.0 W/m-K Thermal Conductivity High bond strength to a variety of surfaces Double sided pressure sensitive adhesive tape High performance, thermally conductive acrylic Adhesive Withstand heat variation long term
Typical Applications Include-LED lighting
-Cooling Components to the Chassis, Frame,
or other type of heat spreader
- Mass Storage Drives
- Heat Pipe assemblies
- RDRAM Memory Moduies
- High Frequency Microprocessors
- Notebook and Desktop PCs


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Product Advantage 

  • Fill the air gap between heating devices and heat sink or metal base

  • Improve the efficiency and service life of heating components

  • Ultra-strong adhesion to various surface

  • High thermally conductive acrylic adhesive

  • Double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive tape

  • Effectively replace lubricating grease and mechanical fastening

  • With good adhesion to most metal, glass, alloy and plastic materials, etc.

  • Solidified under room temperature

  • With good electrical insulation and weather resistance

  • No preheating process is required for the product

  • Excellent adhesion and sealing strength with good conductivity

  • Suitable for auto-dispensing and screen printing


Compared with traditional materials, the phase change thermal interface materials can cover and fill the gap and hollow between the contact interfaces when being liquid.

Company Information
Company Overview 


We can make many specifications according to your request!
For more information. Please contact us.
Tel+86-769-22479425Address6th Floor, Building M, Jinxiongda Science and
Technology Park, Datanglang Villiage, Dalingshan
Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China




1. What are your main products?

We supply thermally conductive pad, thermally silicone RTV, thermally conductive silicone pug, thermally double component silicone, thermally conductive materials, phase change thermal interface materials, thermally conductive insulators and thermal grease. Samples of silicone thermally conductive sheet are available, but the freights need to be paid by the buyers.

2. What about the product quality and which certificate do you have?

We have UL certificate,IATF16949,ISO9001,ISO14001 and ROHS certificate.

3. How long does it take to deliver after order?

For small quantity, we arrange delivery within one week normally while for big quantity, we will arrange delivery as soon as possible according to actual situation and customer's requirements.

4. What about your after-sale service?

We fully guarantee our product quality and will provide free technical guidance on operations.

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