2014 car tracker gps más barato que tk107 web Tiempo real pequeño gps del coche sistema de seguimiento

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$90.00 - $100.00 / Set | 5 Set/s (Pedido mínimo)
Tamaño de pantalla:
No pantalla
Capacidad de memoria:
Ayuda Transporte marítimo
Reportar Actividades sospechosas
Descripción general
Detalles rápidos
Rastreador de GPS
Con ranura para tarjeta TF
Lugar del origen:
Guangdong, China
Número de Modelo:
5 años
Negro, blanco
77*37*23 (grueso) mm
Motion sesnor:
Ahorro de energía:
Funciona con el cargador del coche:
Capacidad de suministro
Capacidad de suministro:
80000 Set/Sets per Month
Embalaje y envío
Tamaño de la unidad: 77*37*23 (grueso) mm, NW.40G embalaje de la unidad: Caja de color, 19*13*5,7 cm, 0,6 kg cartón: 40 unids, 53,5*40,0*30,5, GW. 21 kg





Information available:

Position of the container is provided by the GPS function

Door open/closed status/alarm.

Battery charge level/ Battery level status.

Lock rope cut alarm.

Back cover open alarm.

Four monitoring LEDS for GPS/GSM/Charing status.

Temperature; mostly signifcant for temperature sensitive shipments.




Advanced Tracking and Remote Monitoring for High Value Mobile Assets

Intelligent Remote GPS Lock GL600 is a sophisticated tracking and asset management applications, provides enhanced functionality, easy installation, and cates to a wide range of applications. 

GL600 intelligent GPS lock can greatly reduce the financial losses incurred by the difficulity in tracking valuaable equipment such as trailers, containers, construction machines and other valuable mobile and fixed assets.

The unit are equipped with improved IP67 enclosure and dual tampering detection mechanism, with a durable and long-life battery, as well as IP67 waterproof casing, without direct access to a power supply casing,without direct access to a power supply and ongoing maintenance, which enable this unit one of the best choice for valuable mobile assets monitorin


Key Features of the system:

A standalone unit operated by rechargeable batteries.

Fast and easy installation by attaching the unit to the container door frame with a electronic lock.

Damage Prevention: There will be alert if someone cut the lock rope or open the back case cover.

A flexible system that can be fully configured to meet customer requirements, with regards to information, times and significant events in real time:

– Examples of real time alerts include: door open/closed, temperature high/low, battery charge level, location status and any combination of these.

Geo-fencing function raises notifications when a container has entered or left a location.

The built-in accelerometer keeps you informed about changes in movement.

When the unit is out of coverage, all location and sensor information is saved to the memory and later transmitted once the unit is back in cellular coverage.

A web based system requiring a simple and easy installation process, we can provide mulitple monitoring platform, which include web based tracking software and APP(IOS/Android)




Intelligent Electronic Lock can be used in a wide range of applications for the protection of devices and property, without the need for any special preparation, wiring or installation.Its cellular communication abilities, along with its embedded GPS technology make it ideal for remote locations or for use with transporting goods and valuable equipment.


It allows you to observe and reach your goods from a distance. it enables you to have control on what is happening with your cargo- as and when it happends, to to overcome issues in real time if needed, it's made most reliable and efficient delivery.

Here are just a few examples of its many unique applications:


Cargo Transportation

This application can track high-value cargo throughout its transport cycle, while alerting you to predefined events that warrant your attention. Intelligent Electronic Lock GL600 will monitor your vehicle, truck,van, container or trailer, as it moves from origin to destination, regardless of distance or the transportation method.


Security Companies

The top requirement for security is control and continuous coverage. Intelligent Electronic Lock GL600 is designed to provide day and night safeguarding of your assets, while keeping you informed - no matter where you or the assets are, delivering an added level of security to your business.


Custom Operations

The security of customs operations can be complex and challenging due to risk of tampering, while a route and during the inspection cycle. Based on the knowledge that your lock will remain closed Intelligent Electronic Lock GL600 will assist in speeding-up the clearance of your goods and allow the examination process to run smoothly.


Commercial / Retail

The movement and storage of your materials and inventory should be key priority. Incorporate Intelligent Electronic Lock GL600  into your supply-chain strategy to better manage the flow of your goods from border to border and to make certain that they have not been accessed. Intelligent Electronic Lock GL600 can be regarded as your gatekeeper from point of origin and until delivery to the consumer.






Padlock size

46*111*251 mm


Tracker weight


Total package


Working temperature

-25 -- 75


5% -- 95%(Non-water vapor condensation state)

Frequency Band

GSM 900/1800/1900/850Mhz

GPS Module


GPS Sensitivity


GPS Frequency

1575.42 MHz

Receiving panel structure

GPS module 66-channel

Locating accuracy

< 5m (95%)

Cold start time

< 45s(in average)

Heat start time

< 2 s (in average)

Bluetooth Module:

Bluetooth 4.2

RFID reader:

125K Hz ID card reader

LED indicator light

GSM-Red led :Cellular network connection Status

GPS-Green led: GPS fix Status

LVS-Yellow led: Low Battery Status

CHG-Red led: Charging or Charging full Status

Padlock Material

Shell: Hardened Plastic ,Shackle: 304 Stainless steel

Access port

Micro USB


Key Features


Programmable Events: Events can be defined to both transmit and act on complex events. For example, you’ll be alerted if the lock rope is cut.

Perimeter based alerts: Geo-fencing alerts when a container is entering/leaving a specified designated area at a specified time.

Real-time Tracking: Automatic support for container tracking at specified time, without sending

Container Protection

Door monitoring: Detects and alerts about opening/closing of the container’s door.


Cellular Connectivity: Support for GSM networks (GPRS or optional 3G), while using both the SMS channel and the data channel. Supported bands are 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. Optional support for CDMA and HSDPA networks.

TCP Connectivity: Support for the GPRS/1x TCP/ IP networks by either staying online at all times, or coming online when a transmission is initiated.

Over-The-Air  (OTA)commands

Firmware Upgrade: Over the air firmware upgrade to apply new features to already-installed units.


Internal Logging: Whenever a transmission fails to be sent, the entire message is saved to the memory for later transmission.25000 complete messages including status can be recorded this way.


GPS Receiver: Built in GPS receiver connected to the unit, allowing real-time tracking and on-board location-based analysis.

Last Location Saving: Saving of the container's last position, in case of going out of GPS coverage. additional commands.

Dual Sim Support: The unit can support 2 SIM, the network will be switched to another if the current one failed automatically, it will save roaming data cost when making cross boarder delivery. Remote Unlock : The unit can be unlocked by sending SMS or GPRS commands, or swipping RFID card.


The advantage of Using GPS padlock/E-lock :

Monitoring when and where your truck’s door is open.

Authorize your asset’s door can only be open in a specific GEO FENCE.






Padlock management software with Battery status(LOW power, 50% or 75% or Fully, also when it is charging), Lock status, Back cover status .



 IOS/Android Mobile App’s monitoring status, remotely Open lock by APP’s too.

RFID card open, or authorized by SMS or Mobile App wirelessly.  Waterproof IP67 design .

Customized length for the locking string, with cutting detection and alarm.

With Strong magnet and back side anti-vibration pad, can be stick on the truck surface.

2G, 3G, 4G network compatible , Industry Level 2G/3G/4G module + professional GPS locating module +with Bluetooth external sensors supported as optional.

Hard locking shackle version available too.





1. Q:Does it works with free GTS tracking system?

A:Yes,it works with Gurtam,Orange,My-GPS.org,Traccar.org,GPS gate.

 2.Q: How long will it take to ship the order?

      A: Within 3 work days if the goods in stock, after we got your  payment. Or we will reply you the updated ETD according to your purchase quantity.


 3. Q: How about the payment options?

    A: West union, TT, LC, paypal or others available.


 4. Q: How long is your warranty?

    A: One year free warranty and life-long maintenance.


 5. Q: Can I make my own company logo  and design on device case or color box?

    A: Yes, you can add your logo, while the quality of each model is the most important thing. Specific quality it depends on each model.

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