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Tipo de vajilla:
Cáscaras de arroz
FDA, sgs
Desechables, Sostenible, Rellenado
Lugar del origen:
Liaoning, China
Servicio de OEM
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Cuencos de sopa
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Natural de arroz de
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A casa
Según el diseño del cliente
Ovalado, redondo, etc.
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Ensalada de herramientas
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100% compostables
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Capacidad de suministro:
250 Ton/Tons per Month
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Shipped in 0 days after payment
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Production Processes:

 Step 1: Select high quality organic rice husks careful;
            Step 2: Precision Crush;
                     Step 3: Technical Modification Character;
                              Step 4: High temperature molding + Precision grinding;
                                       Step 5: Disinfection by ultraviolet light + Final packing;

Our Company

We mainly engaged in researching and development technologh of natural fiber material and natural fiber tableware, and selling to all over the world. We were the leader enterprise that the hard tableware production made by used natural plant fiber " Rice husks ". ann we are the The "Rice husks" had character of reproducible and biodegradable, which were huge environmental friendly resources in the earth.The production call "natural husks ware" made by used the fiber of rice husks. The production was most useful for other production made by used plastic ans melamin, and 100% for human health.Thereby, the purpose has replaced that all kinds of unhealthy, Such as plastic tableware, and far away from toxic substances.


Natural husks ware series are one of the important promoting products, such as LITTLE HUSKS series; Hotel series; Free of Green series. NATURAL HUSKS WARE product use natural organic fiber " Rice husks"' which is environmental friendly and biodegradable after used. It is the best production after contrast with the traditional productions of plastic and melaminhe first one was the production of plastic and amine contains many different toxic substances which unhealthy for human body( such as BPA Etc.), and second was no more recycling and unbiodegradable. Finally, only become" white pollution" that going to endanger our body health at the same time,also going to certifications from FDA,SGS and EU test index excluding" BFA" etc. The natural husk ware was the best environmental friendly gree production which no poisonous effect for human body, and can be recycling, and can be biodegradable in the natural environment to eliminate white pollution, and protect the ecological environment in daily life.

Our company with advanced international environmental friendly concept, and closely partner relationships and hand in hand to cooperate, such as Optimize Green Tech SDN.BHD and Out of the Green Box in Malaysia and Hongkong etc.The natural husks ware had a great recognition from other lots of country . Right now, we are on the development high way in the industry of environmental friendly tableware. Depending on regional advantages that China is an agriculture country, Our factory is using hugh quality material" rice husks", and stronger technology power to provide high quality product about 3,000 tons one year for market. Natural husks ware was exported to southeast Asia,Korea and Japan, Europe and more than 10 countries and regions. In order to meet the market demand, we can design lots of different special yle productions for customers, or customers can supply us their design. Welcome to give us advice,collaborate together,and develop jointly.

Product Description


1. Temperature Resistance ( from -30°C to 120°C);
2. It isnot easy to broken within 1.5 meter;
3. No more than 3 days in water;
4. Dry it in time after cleaning;
5. No Boiled for long time, within 1 minute;
6. Used in microwave oven isnot allowed;
7. Free from BPA,Plasticizer and heavy metal;
8. Product Color is the original color of rice husks;
9. Surface brightness is the natural rice husks wax;
10. High safety, No any hurt to the user even if broken;
11. Special smell, It is the natural aroma of rice husks;
12. Can be broken down decomposed through the action of living in 6 months, 
      Not harmful to thethenvironment.

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