Ahorro de energía y de elevación para la construcción

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$20,000.00 - $35,000.00 / Set | 1 Set/s (Pedido mínimo)
Número de Modelo:
Energía del motor:
Lead Time:
Cantidad(Set/s) 1 - 1 >1
Hora del Est.(días) 15 Negociable
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Descripción general
Detalles rápidos
Capacidad de Carga Calificada (kg):
2000 kg
Máxima Altura de Elevación:
300 metros
Velocidad de Elevación:
0-36 m/min.
Lugar del origen:
Hunan, China
Dimensión (L*W*H):
3*1,3/1,5*2,2 m
Servicio postventa ofrecido:
Video de apoyo técnico
Capacidad de suministro
Capacidad de suministro:
2000 Set/Sets per Year
Embalaje y envío
Contenedores de 40 HQ
Lead Time :
Cantidad(Sets) 1 - 1 >1
Hora del Est.(días) 15 Se negociará


Product Overviews


 Energy saving material and passenger Hoist for construction


Main technical parameters of Construction Hoist SC200D



Rated Loading Capacity(kg)2000
Max.Lifting Height(m)300
Lifting Speed(m/min)0-40
Mast Section(mm)650*650*1508
Cage Weight(kg)1800
Electric Motor Power(kw)3*112*15
Safety ProtectorSAJ40-1.2
Frequency Converter power(kw)3745



Product Description


A. SC Series Construction Hoist elevator

SC Series construction hoist elevator is widely used in the field of industrial and civil residential construction, bridge construction, underground construction, large chimney construction, ship industry, etc. Being suitable for the vertical transport of materials and passengers, they can also be used as permanent / semi-permanent electric elevators in various environments like warehouses and high towers.


SC Series construction hoist adopts computer aided design.Comparing with traditional construction elevator, it is more attractive, lighter, more secure and easier to handle. Depending on different customer' needs, the lifting capacity of the cage can reach up to 2 ton, the running speed can reach 0-96m/min,and Max.lifting height is 300-600 meters. Moreover, VF speed regulation and PLC can make 0~68 limitless speed, automatic layer selecting and leveling as required.


SC series construction hoist, which are known for their stable performance, reliable safety, easy transportation and strong adaptability, can greatly enhance work efficiency and reduce workers’ labor intensity.

B.Variable Frequency Construction hoist

SC VF Construction hoist belongs to variable frequency and energy conservation type building hoist elevator, which can Save 30%-50% energy than general hoists. And there are huge advantages when used on construction.Energy conversation, the start current is lower than rated current,Intellective speed regulation, high speed while light load and low speed while heavy load,Steady and smooth upon start and brake with low friction,Complete mechanical and electric safe device and so on.


C. Ten selling points of SC Construction Hoist

1. Monitor control unit

2. Overload alarm system

3. Anti-dropping protection device

4. Microcomputer speed device

5. Floor select system

7. Floor calling system

8. Floor pausing protection device

9. Frequency converter system

10. Worm gear reducer

Company Information



                                         ABOUT    CCBT                                     


        CCBT Construction Machinery Co., Ltd is located in the historic city-Changsha, which has been long reputed as the capital of construction machinery in China. We have been engaging in construction machinery industry for 15 years. CCBT is constantly committed to high-quality and high-performance engineering equipment and products.The major products include attached lifting scaffold,hoisting machinery(Construction Hoist and Tower Crane), concrete machinery (concrete pump and concrete placing boom), which are well-known and used in the domestic and foreign markets.
        CCBT hoisting machinery(Construction Hoist and Tower Crane) is a safe and practical lifting equipment which the maximum hoisting height can reach 600 meters with advanced design and fast lifting speed,save electricity,stable starting system,little mechanical wear, long service life, safe and reliable, simple and convenient maintenance.

        Attached lifting scaffold is a kind of safety protection working platform which is suitable for high rise, super high rise projec. It is safe and reliable, simple to operate, stable to rise and fall, convenient to disassemble and transport, reasonable in structure, beautiful in appearance, energy saving and environmental protection, advanced in technology, complete in function, time-saving and labor saving.
       CCBT has always put quality and innovation in the first place, constantly develop new products, improve product quality, adhering to create value for customers as the ultimate goal.Market - oriented, to meet, service customer for the purpose.For more than ten years, our products have been praised by our customers with advanced technology and excellent performance.We have been and will continue to strive to provide customers with "safe, reliable, professional and efficient" products.





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