Damasco cuchillo

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Lugar del origen:
Western Australia, Australia
Número de Modelo:
Fijar la lámina, plegable, cuchillo de caza
Material de la hoja:
Damasco cuchillo
Material del mango:
Hacemos en todo el material como camello hueso, ciervo y bufflao Cuerno y madera
cuchillo de caza
Capacidad de suministro
Capacidad de suministro:
500 Dozen/Dozens per Month
Embalaje y envío
Nos embalamos mercancías en cajas
Lead Time :
it depend on order




100% Handmade Real Damascus knife with

Handcrafted Real camel bone & bufflao horn ,wood

Hofman trading international

We only introduce authentic,sharp handmade Damascus knife which can also be used by professionals.Unlike cheap knives,the more you use it,the more it becomes

sharper.These artistic knives are a knife collectors dream. 573 gorgeous zen like layers are painstakingly crafted by the layering of two beautiful but totally different Nickel

rich steels SUS 410 and SUS 304. This combination of steel creates a rich, captivating pattern alternating from matte gray to silver throughout the surface of the blade.

Each knife is truly a work of art and unique in design. This collection exemplifies the finest of Damascus craftsmanship.


Features :


Brand : Hofman

This is really an expensive high quality knife.

It features not only the famous VG-10 and it's beautiful design

You will also be impressed by the details of it's well calculated,meticulous design


Steel : VG-10 High Carbon Steel Molybdenum Vanadium Cobalt Steel

Bevel : Double Beveled for Both Right-handed and Left-handed

573 layers Damascus blade

This knife uses the famous VG-10 High Carbon Stainless Steel which is the highest level

of steel being used in knives

Cheap stainless steel knives are blunt,dull and difficult to re-sharpen.While VG-10 Stainless Steel,has a long lasting sharpness and can be re-sharpen compared to cheap Damascus knife

Blade size 220 mm


Handle size 130 mm


Handle material :real handcrafted camel bone & wood

It's handle is so easy to grip and it's weight is very well balanced.

A knife that's so easy to use


Total length 350 mm


Excellent finishing


Handmade leather seat

finest of Damascus craftsmanship


•A great deal for a best expensive knife!


Payment :PAYPAL ONLY   ,lc,  

account transfer ,western union( advance  full payment )

How to care for your new knife:


store in a dry place, moisture encourages rust. Damascus is very easy to clean if rusted but is rust resistant.


After use, wash and dry the blade & apply vegetable oil, or any food safe lubricating oil.


Sometimes Damascus steel gets dark with age. To brighten up the blade, sand it lengthwise with a worn piece of sand paper. This just hits the raised portions of the etched pattern and makes the blade look brighter.


Our Promise:


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We want to ensure that you are extremely happy with your purchase so please contact us first if there is a problem with your purchase prior to leaving negative feedback. We would rather work out a problem than have a customer of ours be upset with us regarding their purchase. Customer service and satisfaction is our number one priority. Without you, we would not have our eBay store.




We offer gifts and discounts to our repeat customers and those who refer us to their friends. =)





Happy shopping!

A TRUE CLASSIC KNIFE By bidding on this item you are stating that you are of the age of 18 or older.

I will NOT be responsible for any injury caused by this item. ONLY bid if you FULLY agree with this term. Bidding on this item relieves me of ANY liability from The world's finest knife makers.





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