Personalizar bandeja de cable entre corchetes para FRP moldeo de boca compuesto Cámara

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Descripción general
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Lugar del origen:
Zhejiang, China
Número de Modelo:
De moldeo
Compuesto de, Resina compuesta de fibra de vidrio
Altura del riel lateral:
Carga de trabajo máx.:
Nombre del producto:
Soporte de cable personalizado para cámara de alcantarilla compuesta de moldeo FRP
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La certificación:
EN124 estándar
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Palabra clave:
Soporte de cable personalizado para cámara de alcantarilla compuesta de moldeo FRP
Paleta de madera
Resistente a la corrosión
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Product Description



Genemat FRP moulding composite manhole chamber is used to underground cable junction and connection, or for installation of telecommunication device, and following maintenance.

Made of Sheet Molding Compound(SMC) material with high material strength and climate-stability performance, while the total weight is 1/10 of traditional concrete material. By reducing the installation time, less people and equipment required, total EPC cost will be reduce.

By using a unique “Knock-Down”TM design, which means knock down into panels while delivering and assemble at the destination, the shipping space will be 1/4 of traditional prefabricated manhole – it means total shipping & logiest will be reduce 3/4. Pre-drilled SMC panel already preserved at each side of manhole, can be easily knock out for any requirement during cabling. It saves the time and cost to drill holes at site.
1.Lightweight - no lifting injuries; single person can handle at site; save labor cost
2.Assemble design - flat pack; save transport cost
3.Fast and easy install - save installation cost
4.High strength - with longer life span
5.Transparent to radio waves
6.Securing systems available
7.Unaffected by underground gases and most chemicals


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Company Information


   Company profile   


Hangzhou Genemat Composites Co., Ltd. was founded on 2001, a National High-tech Enterprise specializing in providing composite manhole cover and customized composite material one-stop solution. Genemat has participated in several National Standard for manhole cover and Smart City and obtained Italian ICMQ, British UKAS, ISO9000, ISO14000 and other system certifications. Genemat won the "Zhejiang Famous Brand" honor.


Genemat has an independent R&D center and develops composite materials with high strength, corrosion resistance, light weighted and high flexibility. With strong technical support, Genemat obtained several National Inventions and Patents. Genemat products meet the national standard GB/T 23858-2009, European standard EN124-5:2015, American standard AASHTO, Australian standard AS3996 and has been developing to the direction of high-performance, multi-functioning, intelligence. Covers and composite products have been exported to more than 80 countries and won global reputation.


With the vision of “Genemat Tech, Smart Composites, Better Life”, Genemat provides innovative materials and solutions to enable people experiencing a lower carbon, environmental friendly, and efficient life.

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