Lámina de polietileno biodegradable y compostable para mantener la humedad del suelo, película de plástico para tomate, venta directa de fábrica china

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$0.03 - $0.10 / Metro | 1000.0 Metro/s Cuadrado/s (Pedido mínimo)
$1.00 /Metro | 1 Metro (Pedido mínimo) | Comprar muestras
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custom color (Min. Order: 100000 s Cuadrado/s)
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Descripción general
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Lugar del origen:
Henan, China
suntex plastic
Número de Modelo:
Ground Cover mulch film
Tipo de moldeado del plástico:
Moldeo por soplado
Product Name:
Agriculture mulch film
100% new LDPE material
Transparent,black and white,sliver and black,red or customized
50m,100m,150m agricultural ground cover mulch film or customized
8 micron-50 micron
Net weight:
Based on spicification and thickness,usage time
Controlling weeds,keep soil moisture,biodegradable and compostable
Mulch film in rolls or cartons or customized
The mulch film minimum order quantity is 1 tons
Capacidad de suministro
Capacidad de suministro:
15 Ton/Tons per Week
Embalaje y envío
¿Nuestro mantillo película normalmente embalado en rollos o en cajas de cartón o como su requisito?
Qingdao,Shanghai,Tianjin or as you requirement
Descripción de vídeo
Product Description
Chinese factory directly sale biodegradable and compostable polyethylene sheet/keep soil moisture plastic mulch film for tomato
Agriculture mulch film/plastic mulch layer
100% new LDPE material plastic layer
5micron-50micron plastic mulch film
0.6m-2m weed control mulch layer
any length agriculture mulching film
plastic agricultural mulch layer in rolls
clear/transparent,white,black,silver/black,red agriculture plastic mulch film
T/T,Credit card,etc plastic mulching film

Agriculture plastic mulch film

At present, mulch film products are widely used in agriculture planting. Not only vegetables, but also crops, fruits, etc.Mulch films are produced in thickness' 20-30-40-50 microns for a lifetime of 24months at most,and they are used to cover the prepared soil.
For different purposes, black mulch film, white mulch film, silver mulch film, red mulch film etc. Colors are being used in mulch films. Black plastic mulch layer are the most preferred ones because of its high performance in weed control. While white colored mulch films is used to keep the soil temperature low in excessively high temperature regions, the silver/black plastic mulch film is used in Summer high temperature pest -prone areas and for melons , vegetables and other crops. In addition to these colors, for specific applications red and blue colors are used to improve the plant development.

Detailed Images

Black mulch film

Function: Weeding , moisturizing, mulch reliable.

Application: Tomato , lettuce , potatoes, onion , edible fungus etc.

White/Black mulch Film

Our White/Black Mulch Films are designed to reflect the light where you need it to help control thrip and other pests that carry disease!

Black/Silver mulch layer

Function: Reflective ,avoid aphid , anti- virus disease , lower ground temperature, weeding , insulation .

Application: used in Summer high temperature pest -prone areas and for melons , vegetables and other crops.

Clear mulch Film

Function: heat preservation, conserving moisture,solarizes soil killing many soil-borne diseases without fumigants.

Widely application for crops and vegetables.

Red mulch film

Red plastic mulch not only suppresses weeds and retains moisture but also increases production of tomatoes and strawberries

White plastic mulch layer

Function: Weeding , cool the soil temperature.

Application: used in in climates that are exceedingly hot area and for vegetables and other crops.

The functions for agriculture plastic mulch film

1.Improve the soil temperature.Especially in Early Spring, Autumn, and Winter season, it can make the temperature increase 2-3℃ higher than open field

2.Restrain the soil temperature increasing. Especially in Summer season. The black color or black-grey color mulch film can reach this result, to protect the plants away from too high soil temperature.

3.Decrease water evaporation, keep the humidity of soil.

4.Decrease soil erosion, keep soil nutrient.Due to the improvement of soil temperature & humidity, it is conductive to microbial activity, promote the minerals and organic matter decomposition.

5.Promote the crops'mature, increase the output.


 Black Mulch Films can provide heat to the bed via absorption and transfer of solar heat to the soil

Black agriculture plastic  mulch layer can also reduce weed pressure by blocking light from reaching the soil.

Clear Mulch Film is most commonly used as a solarization aid. Light passes directly through the film and the soil is greatly heated below killing weed spores and bacteria living in the bed.

Silver & black Mulching Film is used for protecting soil and crop from extreme impact of climate. The offered range of Silver & black Mulching Film is praised by clients for high stretching ability, durability, high strength, dimensional accuracy and eco-friendliness. 

This red plastic mulch is made of high quality, durable plastic that is 1.0 mil thick and lays well over flat or raised beds. It has season-long integrity and is easily removed from the field after harvest.Red Plastic Mulch is primarily used on tomatoes for an early harvest

White on Black Plastic Mulch is primarily used for a "cooling" effect. The white surface is laid up to reflect heat away while the black surface is laid down to prevent weed growth. Great for lettuce, cauliflower, and broccoli. 

Yellow Mulch Film has excellent property of affecting light, moisture and temperature for faster growth and development of crops. These are suitable for use in summer season as it blocks the heat from penetrating into the ground.

Packing & Delivery

Agriculture plastic mulch cover mulching film package details:

Agricultural plastic mulch cover mulching film is made of high quality PE material which is UV resistant and widely used in agriculture.
Plastic mulch film is widely used in wheat /corn /cotton /watermolen /garlic /vegetable and other crops and trees /flowers /seeding and other ground cover.
Package:plastic mulching film usually package in rolls or as your requirement

Our factory

Henan Suntex Plastic Co.,Ltd are professional in agricultural plastic mulch cover mulching film for more than 15 years with high quality and competitive price

We can offer you different color mulch film for you,such as:clear,white,black,black/white/,black/silver,red mulch film,etc.

We can produce the film thickness from 5micron to 50micron with various size and color,you can choose it according to your usage.
We can offer you free samples before order for checking quality,many customer make big order after get samples!
We can contact with you within 24 hours after your message!

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