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$0.50 - $1.80 / Contenedor | 1 Contenedor/es 20 Pies (Pedido mínimo)
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Cantidad(es 20 Pies) 1 - 20000 >20000
Hora del Est.(días) 20 Negociable
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japan quality
Número de Modelo:
Second-hand clothes-155
Grupo de edad:
Product name:
Second-hand clothes
Capacidad de suministro
Capacidad de suministro:
30000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Month
Embalaje y envío
60x60x80cmCompress y paquete con hoja de polipropileno
takamatsu port or kobe port or hakata port
Lead Time :
Cantidad(Twenty-Foot Container) 1 - 20000 >20000
Hora del Est.(días) 20 Se negociará

We offer high-quality items that are sorted and categorized by product in Japanese-made clothes.
We have been exporting overseas for many years and have a good reputation for quality.
Detailed sorting is classified into 80 items so that the contents can be understood before packing.
The premise of sorting starts from checking for dirt and tearing, and guarantees quality based on sales.
We can also export raw materials.
Packaging can be compacted by pressing at 100cm per piece.
The mainstay is used clothing from municipal collections, but it also includes stock disposal items from domestic recycle shops.
Season support is possible
Miscellaneous items such as bags, caps, gloves and stuffed animals are also included separately.

Second-hand clothes classification

20 Adult training upper and lower 

21 Adult Sports Light Wear 
22 Adult Jumper 

22L adult jumper (thin)

27 Summer Children's Clothing 
28 Spring Children's Clothing
31 gentleman color G bread (tatami) 
32 Disco Pants 
33 Women's Color G Pan (Tatami)
LCPF Women's Cotton Pants (Tatami) 
36 Cotton Blouse 
38PL Cotton Short Sleeve Polo Shirt 
38CL Cotton Long Sleeve Polo Shirt 
38R Short Sleeve Round Neck T-shirt 
39 Chemical Length / Short Sleeve Polo Shirt 
43 Men's Shorts 
44 Handkerchief 
45 Hat 
46 Flannel Shirt 
47 Panties 
50 Sheet Blanket (Tatami / 85KGS) 
53 Adult G Jean 
57 Cole heaven shirt 
59 Polyblouse 
65 Back 
70 Gentleman-colored Y-shirt (without Aloha) 
72 Men's Summer Trousers (Tatami) 
75 Men's Cotton Pants (Tatami) 
80 slip / camisole pants
81 bra winter
82 Girdle / Bodysuit
85 Ladies' Summer T-shirt (without long sleeves) 
86 diaper cover

88A gentleman sports shorts 
90 Ladies' swimsuit 
91 Men's casual suit (Aloha MIX) 
95 Denim Shirt (Blue only)
97 Plush Toy (50KGS) 

101 culottes skirt
201 Children's jeans clothes (without long pants)

202 Daily Goods

205 Women's shorts

SW Adult Sweater

MJ gentleman

MOL gentleman overcoat

MOH gentleman half overcoat

LOL Ladies long overcoat

LOH Ladies Half Overcoat

AWS Adult Wool Sweater

41 call trousers

CB Children Brief

SWM Seawater Pants

 PJM adult pajamas (cotton & silky MIX)

BSR Trunks

LRP Women's Rubber Pants

MWS gentleman white Y-shirt

SSK Silky Skirt

DRA Thick Curtain (Without fabric)

PS Pair Socks

CS Kids Sweater

FC Futon Cover

CZJ Children Jumper


CTW Children Training Wear

VW Velvet Clothing

LACE Lace Curtain

BL Blanket (Tatami / 85KGS)

BBL Bore Blanket (Tatami / 85KGS)

QL Quilting (Kotatsu)

GLV Gloves

MB adult brief

JPCM Children's long trousers

FJ Adult Fleece Jacket

FJC Kids Fleece Jacket

B-BL Baby Blanket (Tatami / 85KGS)

ANP-H Adult Nylon Pants (Thick)


MARUYA CO.LTD is a distributor selling the products of


• Confidential document processing: with the enforcement of the state secrets protection law and the introduction of My Number, information protection is becoming more important.
We respond to the needs of offices regarding their disposal of paper waste.
• Recycling of old clothes: the old clothes collected by the administration are sorted and recycled appropriately. We also collect, sort, and recycle products from thrift shops.

• Eco life: as a specialist in offering a comfortable environment, we provide support for improving your daily life with our extensive network in Japan that boasts a global perspective, which offers environmentally friendly products in pursuit of safety and convenience as well as solar power generation and energy conservation devices for energy generation and energy saving.

Matsumoto Mitsuharu Shoten Co., Ltd. Shanghai Office, Matsumoto Mitsuharu Shoten Co., Ltd. Beijing Representative Office, Beijing Matsumoto Renewable Resources Regeneration Limited Company, Beijing Matsumoto Import and Export Trading Limited Company (BMT) Dalian Environmental Protection Resources Recycling Co.,Ltd., Shen Yanghui Property Management Co., Ltd., Shanghai Guangchun Property Management Co., Ltd., Tianjin Matsumoto Business Service Co., Ltd., Tianjin Matsumoto Business Service Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch, Vietnam Ho Chi Minh office,
Sunshine Clean Corporation Limited Hong Kong, Matsumoto Mitsuharu Enterprise Co., Ltd (Taiwan)

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