Bio50 mejor vendedor biométricos grabador de tiempo

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$69.00 - $99.00 / Unidad | 1 Unidad/es (Pedido mínimo)
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Descripción general
Detalles rápidos
Lugar del origen:
Grabador de tiempo
Capacidad de usuario:
3 pulgadas pantalla TFT
Plataforma de Hardware:
BIO 510
Sistema operativo:
Las comunicaciones:
RS232... RS485... TCP/IP USB-Hos
Multiidioma, inglés, francés, español, árabe, tailandés, Farsi, etc.
Función estándar:
Código de Trabajo, SMS, timbre programado, comprobación de registros, ID de usuario de 9 dígitos
Las funciones opcionales:
Servidor Web, tarjeta de identificación/Mifare, ID de usuario de 14 dígitos
2 años
Capacidad de suministro
Capacidad de suministro:
10000 Piece/Pieces per Month Time Recorder
Embalaje y envío
Caja de cartón para grabadora de tiempo
Shenzhen port

 Bio50 Best Seller Biometric Time Recorder   



   Selling Points


1. HF-Bi50 Low Cost Fingerprint Attendance System is our new hot sale product

2. Support multi language, for example: English, French, Spanish, Arab, Thai, Farsi... 

3. BIO VX 10.0 algorithms with dependability and accuracy, identification speed obviously improved, it can

    manage 3000 fingerprint templates within 2 sec.

4. Equipt 3 inches TFT screen, with 3,000 user capacity and 120,000 transaction capacity

5. Low Cost Fingerprint Attendance system, attractive in price and quality


 User capacity: 3000
Transaction capacity: 120000
Display: 3 inches TFT screen
Sensor: BIO Optical Sensor
Algorithm Version: BIO VX 10.0
Hardware platform: BIO 510
Operating system: Linux
Communications: RS232,RS485,TCP/IP,USB-Host
LED: Red , Green
Standard Function: Work code, SMS, Scheduled-Bell, Record checking,
9 digits user ID, Automatic States Switch
Optional Functions: Web-server, ID/ IC Card, RIS(Remote Identification System),POE,Printer,14 digits user ID, barcode
Operating Temperature: 0-45℃
Operating Humidity: 20%-80%
Language: Multi language, for example, English, French, Spanish, Arab, Thai, Farsi…





HuiFan Technology Co., Ltd established in 2005. HFSECURITY is our brand, specialized in exporting all kinds of security products include face recognition, fingerprint and RFID time attendance, access control products and systems, door locks, fingerprint readers and modules, Handheld terminals and other biometric and RFID integration solution services. We also offer other customized services such as mold opening, appearance design, firmware alternation, customized software, other ODM, OEM services are welcomed.





1.We are in biometric fingerprint reader for time attendance and access control for 10 years
2.We provide 4BS service: Best Quantity, Best Price, Best Delivery, Best Service
3.Our fingerprint scanner products take use of world-leading fingerprint algorithm.

4.The HFSECURITY brand is famous for quality and performance applied in time attendance, access control, biometric readers and other biometric products



If this fingerprint time attendance can't meet your needs, please contact our online service, and other suitable products will be recommended for you.



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