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9 pernos automático Derma PEN (F021A)

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Descripción general
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Lugar del origen:
IDEAL de belleza
Número de Modelo:
Nombre del producto:
Bolígrafo derma automático de 9 pines
Nivel de velocidad:
5 niveles
La certificación:
La aprobación CE/FDA
Longitud de la aguja:
0,25mm-2,0mm ajustable
Tipo de aguja opciones:
9 pines, 12 Pines, 36 pines y aguja de nanómetro
El material de la aguja:
Propósito médico de acero inoxidable
Tamaño de embalaje:
20x18,5x6 cm/pc
1 pc
Color del cuerpo:
Plata o azul
Sistema derma rolling
Anticaída de cabello, Antinflamatorio, Eliminación de varices, Aumento de pecho, Reducción de celulitis, Ojeras, Hidratante, Eliminación de pigmentos, Rejuvenecimiento de la piel, Pérdida de peso, Blanqueador, Quita arrugas
Comercial y uso en el hogar

Embalaje y envío

Unidades de venta:
Un solo artículo
Tamaño de paquete único: 
25X21X15 cm
Peso bruto único:
2.000 kg
Tipo de paquete:
Caja de regalo con caja de cartón
Lead Time :
Cantidad(es) 1 - 100 >100
Hora del Est.(días) 10 Se negociará

9 pins automatic derma pen (F021A)
1. Metal material derma pen
2. Needling Speed & Depth is Adjustable (needle 0.25-2.0mm)

3. CE and FDA approval

4. Standard needle option: 9 pins.   ( 12 pins, 36 pins, and nanometer needle are optional)

5. Body color option: Silver or blue


The automatic microneedle is revolutionary device which has the amazing ability to naturally stimulate collagen and elasticity production in the skin without damage. It can be used by both men and women and is designed to achieve numerous results: smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, pores size reduction, improving the appearance of scars (including acne scars), improving the appearance of stretch marks/striate/cellulite, improving skin texture as a result of firmer and more lifted skin, and treating alopecia (hair loss) for both men and women.  Needle length is adjustabl from 0.25mm to 2mm according to the areas and purposes of the therapy. Also,the vibration speed can be controlled in 5 levels.
Function of AMTS (Automatic Micro-needle Therapy System)
1. Automatic high speed roll (max speed 6500-8500 turn per minute), producing 12 delivery channels.
2. various micro-needle mode to stimulate skin:
   a. strengthen skin to absorb beauty production, the absorbency of skin can be reach above 40 times, and improve acne scar more than 50%.
   b. the skin will be luster and elasticity, differ from laser or chemical substances, it is non invasive, can improve skin and enhances absorption.
3. The micro-needle of depth can be adjusted (0.25mm-2.0mm), greatly improved the treatment.
4. Improve efficiency
  a. wrinkle removal/acne removal/improve scar, rejuvenation
  b. For the narrow focus of the site can be treated(glabella, depth, wrinkle, scar)
  c. Shrink pores
  d. treatment of stria gravidarum
  e. lifting
  f. improve wrinkle and fine lines
  j. treatment of acne scars and healing wounds


a. Five different high speed
b. easier to operate in small part or radian
c. more quickly and efficient than manual MTS Micro-needle
d. adjustable length of micro-needles (0.25mm-2.0mm)
e. Because high-speed vertical movement to reduce pain to a minimum, there is no cross-infection, using a one-time disposable needles

f.Vibration frequency :6500-8500 turn per minute

It starts from the lowest speed to the highest, when you turn on the power firstly,the speed cycles low to high,but when you stop the machine temporarily,it starts from final speed of just before use( only if th epower turns on) if you want to stop the machine,press the button for 2 second

g. The needle is stain steel needle.

Purpose of use
This device helps drugs (cosmetics) to be penetrated and absorbed with stimulating the skin.

1. Anti-Hair Removal,
2. Anti-Puffiness,
3. Blood Vessels Removal,
4. Breast Enhancers,
5. Cellulite Reduction,
6. Dark Circles,
7. Moisturizer,
8. Pigment Removal,
9. Skin Rejuvenation,
10. Weight Loss,
11. Whitening,
12. Wrinkle Remover.
13. Derma Rolling

For your Safety, use one roller per one person only.
1. Do not force the roller into the skin but simply use mild pressure.
2. Roller obliquely at the same intensity covering the same areas vertically and horizontally.
3. Apply MTS protocols according to client’s needs.
4. After the treatment, apply MTS post-care solutions for the skin protection.
5. For safety correct use, read the manual thoroughly before the roller.
Which needle length do I need?
The needle length you need depends a lot on the specific use. Below we have included a rough guide. Please contact us directly if you require further information.
1) microneedle for inducting collagen. They will increase blood flow to the area and are often used as home use rollers. For most purposes we would recommend the 0.5mm roller in preference as it is the smallest dermal roller that inducts collagen.
2) As such it is the best general purpose roller and by far the best seller. It is highly recommended for anti aging on the face and for breast enhancement. It can also be used for scarring but is best used in conjunction with the 1mm dermal stamp for this purpose as deeper stimulation is usually required.
3) This is the most commonly used roller to assist hair loss. In most cases this is effective but if hair is much longer and thicker then a 1.5mm roller may be better. These rollers are also good for smaller scars especially on the face.
4) These rollers are generally used for problems in which deeper collagen stimulation and rearrangement is required. Therefore these rollers are the most effective at assisting scars and scarring, cellulite and stretch marks or straie.


Adapter 4.2v-500MA
Vibrating frequency6500-8500r/m 
Weightmain body 56g
Body Colorsilver or blue
Body Size14.5cm
Speeds5 level vibration speeds controlled
Needle lehgthfrom 0.25mm to 2.0mm adjustable
Package size20*18.5*6cm

Package Includes:
1 x Machine
2 x pcs 9 pin needles
1 x power plug
1 x Instruction
1 x Gift Box

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Payment terms
-Sample Charge: T/T or Western Union
-30% deposit before production, 70% balance before shipping
Packing and shipping
-Standard Export Carton with fully Polyfoam or Pearl Wool
-Delivery within 5 to 15 working days upon receiving payment
-Lifetime with professional engineer support.
-Within 1 year, supply spare parts for free if the machine has quality problem.

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