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Bola de sombra de plástico hueca HDPE resistente a los rayos UV de 4 pulgadas

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Jiangxi, China
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4 inch UV Resistant HDPE hollow floating ball plastic shade ball
4 INCH/ 100MM
Packing number:
51-1850 pieces/m2
Water Storage

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15X10X10 cm
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1.000 kg
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Bolsa de toneladas, bolsa de plástico, caja de papel, también podemos hacer según la petición del cliente de bola hueca de plástico
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4 inch UV Resistant HDPE hollow floating ball plastic shade ball

4 inch UV Resistant HDPE hollow floating ball plastic shade ball

Product Description


Product Name  4 inch UV Resistant HDPE hollow floating ball plastic shade ball
Material  HDPE
Life Span  >3 years





Packing Number 

pieces/ m2

Packing Density 


25 1.5 1850 79550
38 4.5 800 22400
50 8 465 9765
55 10.5 380 7220
100 40 116 1276
150 100 51 357

1. Reduce the evaporation by 70-75%  from a reservoir

2. Shade water from sunlight to prevent algae growth

3. Reduce heat loss in the heated tank, which to reduce the energy cost and improves process efficiency

4. Cover water & which deters waterfowls from entering the reservoir and nesting in the water or other fluid

5. Reduce water treatment chemical use

6. Reduce the disinfectant by products, prevent the formation of bromate by blocking the sunlight from interacting with bromide & chlorine

7. Block birds from the water

8. Reduce ordor

9. Thermal management


1.Gold Mining - Leach Ponds

2.Silver Mining - Settling Ponds 

3.Commercial and Military Airports 

4.Oil and Natural Gas Frac Water Tanks/Pits 


6.Industrial Processing 

7.Copper Refining - Demisting Balls 

8.Metal Plating 

9.Ammonia Tanks 

10.Chemical Processing 

11.Above Ground Storage Tank Pontoons


By covering over 91% of the liquid surface they provide a cost effective and maintenance free solution for the control of:
*Heat Losses and Evaporation of Liquids
*Corrosive Fumes and Foul Odors
*Microbial Growth

When used in scrubbers and mist eliminators to reduce chemical vapor emissions, they offer several advantages over traditional
column packing materials:
*Greater Liquid/Air Contact
*Less Plugging = Lower Pressure Drop
*Higher Operating Efficiency
*Lower Cost
Evaporation is the most persistent threat facing farming and rural communities worldwide. Reducing evaporation is the best way to meet water security goals. Let's look at an example for a reservoir which is 10 Acres in size. A common annual evaporation rate is 7 feet for many West and Southwest areas of the United States. Evaporation over this size reservoir could amount to 22.8 Million gallons, or 70 Acre-Feet per year.


By installing a Shade Ball™ Floating Cover, evaporation can be reduced by as much as 75%. This will result in a measurable positive impact on your evaporation, enabling a reservoir to save up to 15.9 Million gallons (49 Acre-Feet) yearly that would otherwise be lost due to evaporation. 

An important thing to remember is that these savings continue, year after year for the entire life of the product. When rain does fall, you can more effectively bank water for the inevitable times of drought. If you are pumping groundwater, you can reduce your pumping cost and reduce risks of groundwater overdraft. Some communities have already seen legislation seeking to limit the amount of groundwater they can pump, in an effort to protect aquifers. 

For those who depend on their reservoirs for farming or agriculture, the evaporation reduction from a Shade Ball™ Floating Cover can mean the difference between a cutback in operations or simply continuing business as usual. Retaining precious water supplies could even allow you to improve your crop yield and profits.

Those who depend on reservoirs as a source of water for their households could avoid the effects of water rationing due to drought.


Easy to install- just drop them in the water, pond, or tank.

They’ll go to work immediately, providing 24/7 coverage regardless of the liquid level.

Naturally rise and fall, restacking themselves and conforming to the exact shape of your reservoir.

Reservoir Balls will double stack in low water levels and single stack with high water levels.

UV-inhibitors protect from the sun’s rays, ensuring they see a lifespan of 10 years or more.

Technical Details of HDPE Bird Hollow Floating Balls


Material: Black, UV stabilised High Density Polyethylene
Bird Ball Diameter: 100mm (4")
Surface Coverage: 116 Bird Balls per m² (10 per ft²)
Nominal weight: 40g (air filled), 240g (water filled)
Life expectancy: 10 years in conventional environments


Superiority of HDPE Bird Hollow Floating Balls

Low cost solution 

Easy to install 

Adjust to the variation of the liquid level by spreading & stacking

UV Inhibitor to Protect Plastic for more than 10 Years Service Life

Unaffected by snow and ice 

No vegetation growth on top

HDPE plastic meets FDA Requirement for Food Contact

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Our Services

1.Quality: Excellent quality is our first pursuite, we have strict quality contral by our QC team.

2.Capacity: Constantly introducing new equipment to meet clients production requirment and market changing

3.Team: Specilized in Chemical Packing for more than 12 years, professional export team give customer         comprehensive service

4.Efficiency: 24 hours on line service to solve all your questions.(Email, Trademanager, Skype, MSN, WhatsApp, Telphone),  Factory direct sale price will be provided in 24 hours.

5.Customized: size & shape could be made as customer requirments
6.Payment: flexible and diverse payment ways can be chosen, make you more convenient 


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