25mm2 Cable 0,6/1kV de baja tensión XLPE Cable de alimentación 1x25mm2 2x25mm2 3x25mm2 4x25mm2 5x25mm2

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$0.89 - $86.00 / Metro | 1 Metro/s (Pedido mínimo)
Lead Time:
Cantidad(Metro/s) 1 - 3000 >3000
Hora del Est.(días) 30 Negociable
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Descripción general
Detalles rápidos
Lugar del origen:
Henan, China
Número de Modelo:
Cable de alimentación
Baja tensión
Material conductor:
De cobre
Material aislante:
Tensión nominal:
Bajo de Media Tensión
Los conductores:
Las normas:
IEC BS 6 A como/NZS... ICEA
Conductor tipo:
La capacidad de:
5000 km/mes
Líneas de transmisión de energía
La certificación:
ISO 9001 ISO14001 ¿SABS, etc.
Max temperatura de servicio:
90 grados centígrados
Cable de cobre de 4 núcleos 35mm2
Capacidad de suministro
Capacidad de suministro:
5000 Kilometer/Kilometers per Month
Embalaje y envío
Tambor de madera internacional o según sea necesario
Lead Time :
Cantidad(Meters) 1 - 3000 >3000
Hora del Est.(días) 30 Se negociará


25mm2 Cable 0.6/1kV Low Voltage XLPE Power Cable 1x25mm2 2x25mm2 3x25mm2 4x25mm2 5x25mm2   


Product Description


4 core 35mm2 copper cable



Cu PVC Single Core Cable




1.The long-time permissible working temperature of cable conductive core is not more than 70 °C.

2.During short circuit (max. permanent time is not more than 5 seconds), the max temperature of cable conductor is not more than 165°C.

3.The difference level of laying cable is not restricted.When laying the cable,ambient temperature is not lower than 0°C.

4.They have good chemical stability,and properties of acid resistance,alkali resistance,salt resistance,oil resistance,solvent resistance and flame resistance.rty

5.Light weight,good bending property and easy installation and maintenance.





With the characteristics of stable capability,advanced technology,broad material resources,low price, good flexible and easy to lay and maintain, the XLPE Insulated and Sheathed Power Cable are suitable to be laid for distribution line with A.C.50HZ and rated voltage up to 35kV.  



IEC,BS,VDE,AS/NZS,ICEA,JIS and so on,designing and manufacturing special power cable according to the other standards required by the customer



Number of the coreModelSpecificationMain application
copper conductoraluminum conductor
single core and three core





XLPE insulation PVC or PE sheath power cableLaying indoor tunnel, cable trench and pipe, can also be buried in loose soil, unable to bear external mechanical pressure , but can withstand a certain amount of traction laying
Single core









XLPE insulation non-magnetic metal tape armored PVC or PE sheath power cabeLaying indoor, tunnel, cable trench and pipelines, can withstand the mechanical exogenous process, but unable to bear large tension
Three cores









XLPE insulation steel tape armored PVC or PE sheath power cable
Single core









XLPE insulation non-magnetic metal wire armored PVC or PE sheath power cableLaying in the shaft, water and under theconditions of the occasion with drop, cable can withstand mechanical exogenous process an considerable tension
Three cores









XLPE insulation thin steel wire armored PVC or PE sheath power cable
Three cores









XLPE insulation thick steel wire armored PVC or PE sheath power cableLaying in the water, sea, larger fall and the places need across, the thick steel wire armored cable can withstand greater tension than the thin


typecore Novoltage(KV)    
  0.6/1.03.6/6  6/66/10  8.7/108.7/15  12/2018/20  21/35  26/35
  conductor norminal area mm2    
YJV  YJV32(42)11.5-3025-63025-63025-40050-500
YJLV  YJLV32(42)14-30035-63035-63035-30050-630
YJV  YJLV21.5-240    
YJV22  YJLV2224-240    
YJV  YJV2231.5-24025-30025-30035-30050-300
YJLV  YJLV2234-24035-30035-30035-30050-300
YJV32  YJLV32325-24025-30035-30035-30050-300
YJV42  YJLV42350-24035-18535-18535-15050-300
YJV YJLV YJV22 YJLV223+1 2.5-240    
YJV YJLV YJV22 YJLV224 2.5-240    
YJV YJLV YJV22 YJLV224+1 2.5-240    



 1. Rated voltage: Uo/U: 66kV, 26/35kV, 21/35kV, 12/20 kV (24 kV), 8.7/10kV, 8.7/15kV, 6/6kV, 6/10kV.


2. No. of core: Single-core, Three-core etc.


3. The highest allowed operating temperature of conductor for long-term working is 90oC. In short-circuit (Max. Long-term is no more than 5 seconds). The highest temperature for conductor is no more than 250.


4. D.C Resistance of the conductor complies with the stipulations of GB/T3956-1997.


5. The environment temperature should be no lower than 0 when lay. Otherwise it should be preheated.


6.The cable is laid without horizontal drop limit. The Min. Bending radius of three-core cable should be no smaller than 12 times of cable outer diameter.


7. Working Frequency Voltage Test:.


For cable with Uo of 3.6kV or lower: 2.5Uo+2kV/5min without puncture.
For cable with Uo of 3.6kv~18kV: 3.5Uo/5min without puncture.
For cable with Uo of 21kV and 26 kV: 2.5Uo/30min without puncture.


8. Partial Discharge Test: The discharge volume should be no more than 10pC under 1.73Uo for the cable.




Other types available. Please contact for detailed specifications and prices. Our friendly service is aiming at giving you the most efficient buying experience available.


  Cu PVC Single Core Cable



Company Information






Jiapu Cable Group is an industry leader in the wire and cable industry among local competitors, known for our value-added services and time-tested products. Our mission is to provide quality products and friendly services related to the wire and cable industry, so you can have the most efficient buying experience available, to avoid wasting your precious time and unnecessary cost. Our entire team, from top to bottom is focused on the customer, ensuring you will receive the service and personal attention you deserve.


Through 20 years, our sole focus will always be cable. Whether it is designed to weld or to transmit power, our cable products will always be the one you can trust to perform.


The main products are as follow:


Aerial Bundled Cable 1kV-35kV (ABC Cable)

PVC Insulated (Flexible ) Wire and PVC Insulated and Sheathed (Armoured) Power Cable

Low, Medium, High Voltage (1kV-220kV) XLPE Insulated (Armoured) Power Cable

Welding Cable, Control Cable, Rubber Sheathed Cable




Certificates and Qualifications




Kinds of XLPE Power Cable     

Factory and Equipment


xlpe insulated cable  

Kinds of XLPE Power Cable   





Kinds of XLPE Power Cable     

Packaging & Shipping




Kinds of XLPE Power Cable     








1. How many years has Henan Jiapu Cable Group been in production?
Founded in October 1998 by Mr. Gu, our facipty has three separate manufacturing workshops within its 100,000-sq.-ft. building. In 2012, we operates in a new 666,000 sq. foot state-of-the-art facipty in Xiaodian Industry Park.,Xinxiang, Henan ,China.

2. What kinds of products does Jiapu Cable manufacture?
1)Bare Conductor ,such as AAC,AAAC,ACSR,ACAR,AACSR,ACSR/AW and so on;
2)Aerial Bundled Cable (1kV-35kV ),such as Duplex,Triplex,Quadruplex Drop Wires and so on;
3)PVC Insulated (Flexible ) Wire ;
4) PVC Insulated and Sheathed (Armoured) Power Cable;
5)Low, Medium, High Voltage (1kV-220kV) XLPE Insulated (Armoured) Power Cable;
6)Welding Cable, Control Cable, Concentric Cable, Rubber Sheathed Cable and so on.

3. What kind of certifications do you have?
SABS, CE, ISO9001-2000, SGS.

4.Which markets do you involve mainly in?
Our products have been exported mainly to Africa, Middle East, South-east Asia, South America,Central America,North America, Europe ,Austrapa, etc.

5. Which standards do you comply with when you produce the electrical wires and cables ?
We are able to produce electrical wires and cables based on GB, JB, IEC, BS, DIN, ASTM, JIS, NF, AS/NZS, CSA, etc. Meanwhile, we can design and manufacture the cables according to the samples and technical specification the customer supply.

6. What is the min.order quantity ?
It depends on the type and size of electrical wires and cables. For some small electrical wires, 100 meters can be accepted .But for the power cables with medium or high voltage, that should comply with the property of installed equipments. Anyhow,we will try our best to solve the problem and meet with the requirement If you have special request.

7. What is the production capacity per week or per month ?
For the bare conductor, we can finish 3000 tons within one month. For power cables, that depends on the type and size. The total output value per month is approx. USD3,000,000.00 for insulated aluminum cables and that is approx. USD8,000,000.00 for insulated copper cables.

8. Do you supply the customers with installation service in foreign country ?
We don’t have professional installation teams in foreign country.But if that is necessary, we will recommend our partners to cooperate with you.

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