2020 promoción 2 en 1 755nm 1064nm láser alejandrita del pelo del precio de la máquina con la aprobación del Ce

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Lugar del origen:
Guangdong, China
Depilación láser XZ 755nm
Número de Modelo:
Depilación láser 2E5 755nm
Conmutación Q:
Tipo de láser:
Nd: Yag Laser
ISO13485, CE Certificación ISO
Depilación, Eliminación de varices, Eliminador de Poros, levantamiento facial, Eliminación de pigmentos, Estiramiento de la piel, Blanqueador, Rejuvenecimiento de la piel, Quita arrugas, Eliminación de tatuajes, Tratamiento del acné, Anticaída de cabello, Anti-eliminación de pelo
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Video de apoyo técnico
1 año, 1-2 años
Depilación para una piel más oscura y más clara
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Máquina de depilación láser alexrite
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10 millones de disparos
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Capacidad de suministro
Capacidad de suministro:
5000.0 Unit/Units per Month
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standard export carton with fully polyfoam wool and Aluminum box.
Guangzhou port

2020 Promotion 2 in 1 755nm 1064nm laser alexandrite hair removal machine price with Ce approval


Wechat: xz13924048869
Phone: 13924048869
Product Description


Alexandertite Laser Hair Removal 755nmAlexandertite Laser Hair Removal 755nm is commited to the gold standards for hair removal, due to the effective melan absorbtion, and the less side effects.Alexanderite Laser Hair Removal 755nm is based on the principle of selective light and heat, through a reasonable adjustment of laser energy and pulse width, laser can penetrate the skin to reach the hair follicles, and laser energy is absorbed and then transformed into heat by the hair follicle tissue, so that the hair loss of regenerative ability and from the surrounding tissue, so the hair will be removed permanently.

This is "selectively thermal absorption of laser". There is melanin in hair follicle and follicle stem cells. Long pulse laser can create laser pulse with super high energy. The melanin of hair follicle absorbs huge laser energy, and then temperature of hair follicle is rising, to make hair follicle and around tissues broken, hair lost primary environment, be completely removed.

Also the professional headpiece cooling technology ensures a much comfortable treatment, avoid skin burning.


Max Pro Alexandrite YAG Laser Machine Features:

- One Fiber, Two Wavelengths; Expanded Treatment Options
- The Alexandrite laser machine is extremely user-friendly. 
- The feature-rich device offers a wide range of settings and maximizes versatility in order to provide effective treatments including the proprietary 755 nm Laser Toning and 1064 nm combo therapy for targeting reds. 
- The Alexandrite laser machine offers industry-leading high power which permits lightning-fast repetition rates and large spot sizes for improved outcomes and impressive treatment times.






1.What areas of the body can be treated with 755nm alexandrite laser hair removal?


Answer:755nm alexandrite laser is a new product in the worldwide market.

It has strong function on hair removing than any other laser hair removal machine.

It can safely treat any body part except for the small area inside the bony ridge of the eye socket.


2.Does 755nm alexandrite laser machine work on all skin types?

 Answer:We have had superb results with individuals with all ranges of skin color and hair color, even blonde, red, or light brown hair! 


3.What makes 755nm alexandrite laser machine treatment safe and comfortable?

 Answer:We use a patented Advanced Contact Cooling System to protect your outer skin during a laser hair 

removal treatment. 

The laser’s light emerges through a crystal window that is pressed against your skin, to instantly remove the 

heat that gives you a little pinch” feeling as the laser pulses.

 and many of our clients report that the sensation is much more comfortable than waxing, electrolysis, or even 



4.How many treatments do I need?

 Answer:Due to the staggered nature of the hair growth cycle, in which some hairs are actively growing while 

others are dormant, 

laser hair removal requires multiple treatments to catch each hair as it enters the “activegrowth phase. 

The number of laser hair removal treatments necessary for complete hair removal varies from person to person, and is best determined during consultation. Most patients require 2-3 hair removal treatments, spread out between 3-4 week intervals. And it’s permanent hair removal.



5.Is there any down time for laser hair removal?

Answer:After your treatment you should be ready to go back to work or go on with your day. In terms of hair 


you will notice some hairs falling out during or directly after the treatment. This trend will continue for about 3 days,

 just when it is about time for you to reschedule your next appointment. Rare after effects include: redness in the area that was treated. 

If you were exposed to the sun without sunscreen, you may also notice a skin discoloration.


6.Does 755nm alexandrite laser damage sweat glands?

Answer:It can achieve the target tissue (hair papilla), the pulse duration protect target tissues producing enough thermal damage and surrounding tissue almost unaffected.

Adequate energy density provides strong energy output within applicable time which is sufficient to damage the 

target tissue and normal tissue is almost unaffected.


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Company Information



Company Name: Guangzhou XZ Beauty Machine Co., Ltd.
Operational Address: 8th Floor ,N0.8 building, Third Qingfeng road,Shijing,Baiyun District Guangzhou, Guangdong, China (Mainland)

XZ is the most advantageous and experienced factory for laser, IPL/e-light, plasma and slimming machines, who have spending many years focus mainly on this area. Backed up by high-tech-approved creative products, guaranteeded by high quality, XZ Beauty Machine Co. Ltd integrates researching, developing, manufacturing, marketing and serving. With advanced optically, electricalyl and mechanically synthetic techniques, and with professional research & development group.

Our company has wide intercommunion with many laser technology research centers from at home and abroad and built up long-term cooperative relationships with them to develop the most advanced and practical hairdressing equipment. Our main products include RF Radio Frequency Series, E-Light Skin Rejuvenation Systems, 808 Semiconductor Hair Removal Systems, IPL, Deep Removal Wrinkle Laser Equipment, Tattoo Removal Laser Series, and other related products. Our products are welcomed by customers from North America, Europe, Japan, Malaysia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, etc


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