Mezclador giratorio de alta presión con 2 modos, 360, ahorro de agua, extensor de grifo, adaptador de grifo de agua, accesorios para baño y cocina

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$1.33 - $1.84 / Unidad | 5 Unidad/es (Pedido mínimo)
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Descripción general
Detalles rápidos
Otro riego e irrigación
Lugar del origen:
Zhejiang, China
Adhere To Fly
Número de Modelo:
De plástico
Suitable Faucet size:
Working temperature:
0-90 degrees
Working pressure:
Installation type:
Threaded installation
As photo shown on
Outlet mode:
Bubble mode,Shower mode
Faucet Extender Sprayer
Vientiane plating
Standard Carton
Capacidad de suministro
Capacidad de suministro:
10000 Piece/Pieces per Day
Embalaje y envío
Cartón estándar, decidido por la cantidad de piezas que compra.
Shanghai and Ningbo
Product Description
Model Number
Flexible Faucet Extender Sprayer
Suitable Faucet size
Working temperature:
0-90 degrees
Working pressure
Outlet mode
Bubble mode,Shower mode
  • 【Applications】
Universal rotating splash-proof faucet extender, suitable for most faucet, 360 degrees can be bent to shape. Material ABS body, copper interface, stainless steel tube Two kinds of water outlet mode, one-button switch water outlet mode The shower mode does not splash water, the bubble mode has a strong impact and is easy to clean. Suitable for various types of faucets. The faucet with a diameter of 18 ~ 24mm can be used. Buy any one of this product.We will send one water stop tapes and one universal adapter and one thread adapter as a gift. Do n’t worry if your faucet is not Threaded and cannot use this product.
Product packaging
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A: Yes,Sample Orders Welcomed.

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