19m (60ft) Buena calidad aluminio nuevo catamarán de pasajeros para el turismo de la tripulación de barco

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Material del casco:
De aluminio
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Gasolina / Gasolina
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> 30 personas
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120 person
Marine Aluminum Alloy 5083
Fuel Tank:
2 X 1000L
1 year
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5 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Model: F180 (without engine)


19m (60ft) Good Quality New aluminum Catamaran passenger ferry boat for tourism Crew Boat



Model: F180
Length: 18.15 m.
Width: 6.38 m.



Model: F180
Length: 18.15 m.
Width: 6.38 m.
Passenger no.:120 PP
Meterial: Aluminium 5083
Cruising speed: 11 knots
Maximum speed: 20 knots
Fuel Tank: 2 X 1000L
Draught light/Full load: 1.08/1.33
Number of engine: 2
Recommended power: 400 CumminsNTA855
Water: 200L
Waste: 200L
Sea Stage: Inland Water
Flotation systems: ballast tank,
Design with watertight penetration
Warranty: 1 year


Other our Product Line:
CT Series = 3.2m ~ 4.15m Boats for 3~4 persons
T046EF0-XX = 4.6m Flat Bottom Boat for 10 persons
M4 Series = 4.98m Boat for 5 persons
T061RF0-XX = 6.1m Flat Bottom Boat for 20 persons
T064EF1-OBSU60 = 6.4m Flat Bottom Boat for 25 persons
T065EM1-OBSU60 = 6.6m Deep V Boat for 25 persons
F100 = 10m Catamaran for 15 persons
F150 = 16m Catamaran for 50-105 persons
F180 = 18m Catamaran for 120 persons
F190 = 19m Boat for 90 persons
F240 = 24m Catamaran for 100 persons



Company Information

Cadcam Marine is an aluminium boat builder based in Taiwan. With over 30 years of metal forming experience, we utilize heavy machinery and press to bring you unique aluminum hulls that is different to any you have seen before.


Our patented Hydro Hull combines the sleek curves and hydrodynamic shapes of fiberglass boats with the light weight and robustness of aluminum. The use of laser cutting machines and welding robots ensure the welds are consistent, robust and precise.


We currently export to Japan, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, the South Pacific, South Africa and many other regions.







Q: What models do you have available?

A: We currently offer the following layouts for the 498 Series:

We also offer 4.6m versions of these boats, they are identical except for the twin rear swimming platforms.

Q: I want to see the boats in person, where can I find them?
A: We have showrooms in Japan (Osaka), Australia (Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne), and other countries. Please see our website at www.MorningstarBoats.com for a complete list. We are also happy to organize factory tours for you if you would like to come to Taiwan for a visit.

Q: Could you pre-install outboard engines for me?
A: Yes, we can provide Mercury and Evinrude outboards, from 40HP to 115HP.

Q: Could you provide boat trailers?
A: Yes, we have boat trailers specially designed for our aluminum boat hulls.

Q: Do I need drainage for my boat?
A: Aluminium floor without drainage is like most small boats, when you moor it in the harbour and it keeps raining, water will start to accumulate. Once the water level from under the deck is high enough, the automatic bilge pump will be triggered and starts pumping out water.

The problem is, battery doesn't last forever, so once the battery runs out or break down, the inside of the boat will be flooded. This may cause water damage to your battery, outboard, and other equipment.

The boat won't sink completely however, because all Morningstar Boats comes with at least basic flotation.

Aluminium floor with drainage has a deck that is 6cm higher. When it rains and water accumulate on the deck, the water will flow out through a self-bailing scupper. The scupper is a one-way valve, so water won't flow in from outside (unless blocked by twigs and leaves).

Whether to choose drainage depends on your usage of the boats. If you mostly use trailers to go in and out of the water via boat ramps, and seldom leave the boat in the water for many nights, then you don't need drainage. If you moor the boat in the water permanently and your local weather often have pouring rains, aluminium floor with drainage gives you better peace of mind.

Covering your boat with a boat canopy will help too, most rain water will be directed overboard.

Q: What is basic flotation? What is level flotation?
A: This (external) web page has a good explanation for the differences between basic flotation and level flotation:

Basic flotation = boat will float when swamped, but may float in ANY angle (normal, upside down, nose up etc)
Level flotation = boat will float upright when swamped (in relatively calm waters.)

Basically, extra cost for extra protection. Some small aluminum boats from other suppliers do not have any flotation.

Q: Do you have videos of the boat in action?
A: Here is a video for the 498S(Sports Cuddy):

Boat Test in Japan video: (460A)
Q: What boat building standards do your products adhere to?
A: We following the Australian Standard 1799, as well as ISO/CE/RCD rules. Please see CE certificates linked here.
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