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Lugar del origen:
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Viet Delta
Número de Modelo:
Ms. Christy
Product Type:
Filling Material
Fiber Length:
Natural White
Natural Fiber
10% Max
Other name:
Java cotton, ceiba pentandra...
Capacidad de suministro
Capacidad de suministro:
10 Ton/Tons per Month
Embalaje y envío
Como un requisito
Ho Chi Minh Port
Product Description

Kapok Fiber

+ A natural, plant, cellulose fiber

+ Also known Silky cotton or Java cotton

+ kapok Fiber on their own are not suitable for spinning into yarn, as they are too smooth, slippery and brittle.

+ Kapok tree can grow up to 4 meters ( 13 feet ) per year, eventually, reaching a height of 60 - 70 meters 

+ The Fiber are 0.8 - 3.2 cm ( 0.3 - 1.25 inches ) long

+ Composed of both lignin ( a woody plant substance ) and cellulose ( carbohydrate ).


Kapok Fiber is silky cotton - like substance that surround the seeds in the pods of the Ceiba tree

+ It can support as much as 30 times its own weight in water and loses only 10 percent of buoyancy over 30 days period.

+ It is eight times lighter than cotton.

+ It is extremely good to used as a thermal-insulator.

+ since it is inelastic and too fragile, it can be spun.

+ It has outstanding characteristics of lightness, impermeability, thermal-insulator and Eco- naturality.

Chemical composition of Kapok Fiber

64% cellulose, 13% lignin, 23% pentose.


+ Light weight 

+ Hydrophobic and the good buoyancy effect 

+ Comfortable

+ Bio degradable

+ Thermal insulator


+ The fiber are fragile and break easily

+ Not suitable for weaving or spinning 

+ Highly inflammable 


+ Mattress/Pillows stuffing.
+ Clothes
+ Life-saving equipment.
+ Construction of thermally insulated and soundproof covers and walls. 
+ Technical textile
yachts and boats furnishing, insulating materials in refrigeration systems
+ substitute of cotton in surgery
+ By products such as kapok Seeds Oil.
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Packing & Delivery

Packing Details: As a requirement

Delivery Times: 30 days

Quantity (Kilos)
100 - 10000
> 10000
Est. Time (Days)
To be negotiated


Our Company

 Viet Delta Industrial Co., Ltd

Viet Delta Co., Ltd was found in 2003, has been more than 15 years in building a strong relationship with the local farmers, fishermen, seafood and agricultural product manufacturers for exporting tropical products and special products of Vietnam.

Viet Delta, one of the leading company in Hochiminh City and the South of Vietnam with nearly 20 years manufacturing, distributing and exporting products has the experience to meet the customers' needs.

The main products of the Viet Delta are coconuts, tapioca (cassava), spices, seaweed, fruits, vegetable, special products and agricultural products and waste of tapioca, coconut, nuts,...and so on.

Viet Delta 's products have been exported all over the world: China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Britain, France, Germany, Turkey, India , Egypt, South Africa, Algeria, Paraguay, Uruguay, United States, Australia, Malaysia,...

We are proud of our heritage as prominent Exporting Company in Vietnam and have consistently maintained our position as one of the largest exporters.

Contact us


Export Manager

Mobile: +84 907 367 838


 20/5 Dinh Bo Linh St., 24 Ward,Binh Thanh Dist. Hochiminh City, Vietnam.

Tel: +84 28 3511 9589

Fax: +84 28 3511 9559

Email: manager(at)vdelta.com.vn

    I hope our products are suitable for your demand and we can be partners soon in near future. If there are any requirements or queries please feel free to contact me, I am willing to reply any emails from you.

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