DT8211A (IC)

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US $0.00188-0.0719 / Unidad | 1 Unidad/es todos los Disponibles (min. Order)
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88990 Paquete/s por Día la entrega Más Rápida
Shenzhen,Shanghai,Hong Kong
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Número de Modelo:
Conduzca el IC
IC Supply Chian
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Condiciones de almacenamiento:
condición estricta
0.1 ~ 10.06g por pieza
Precio unitario:
por favor, póngase en contacto con nosotros
IC, transistor, diodo zener, resistor, condensador ..
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en Acciones Propias
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todos los paquetes Sellados
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Estado Libre de plomo:
sin plomo/RoHS/NOPB
el Tiempo de entrega:
Temperatura de funcionamiento:
- 15 ~ 110 C
Energía de la disipación:
0 ~ 50 W
Juguete eléctrico
Voltaje de fuente:
0 ~ 10 V
Packaging & Delivery
sellado de fábrica de embalaje, y mandó en los siguientes tipos: Tubo, bandeja, cinta y Carrete, embalaje A Granel, bolsa, etc Por Favor confirme amablemente con nosotros si necesita cualquier otros asistentes o demandas.
Plazo de entrega
dentro de 1 o 2 días laborables.



Only New&Original&Factory Packing With Most Reasonable Price

transistor/ ic/ intergrator circuit/ intergrator/ circuit/ diodes/ intergrated circuit/ diode/ capacitor/ voltage/ electronics/ rectifier/ smd


Professional                                                                                                                                                J.Y.X 

  • 1. Win-Source Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a branch company of Shenzhen J.Y.X. Electronic Technology Ltd. . Focusing on the international market, with more than 10 years selling experience of the electronic components, IC and both as a set since 1999, we are committed to provide IC SUPPLY CHIAN.
  • 2. We have already passed the quality authentication of ISO9001. We are 5 years STRC and 5 years ISCP certification in TBF, EPS certification in hkinventory and 5 years Diamond certificationin Seekic and etc. You can also find us in Global Sources, MIC, etc.
  • 3. The last three years, with the efforts of our 55 international department teammates, our turnover has reached on the average of about $ 8 million per year. We’re wholeheartedly focusing on the international market. We strive to provide the most reasonable pricesmatching the quality of the goods. May we can be one of your references.

Parts of our Certificates

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  1. [Specialism]: We specialize in ic integrated circuit, smd transistor, smd diode, ceramic high capacitor and tantalum capacitor and other electronic components.
  2. [Supply]: We provide IC Supply Chain and any others forms of cooperation, including samples minimum to 1 piece (you can talk with your retail sales) and long-term supply.  
  3. [Contact us]: All E-mails or trade manager will be answered within 30 minutes. If out of working time, they may can't be replied immediately, but they will be answered once we are back to work. You're welcome to ask any details.
  4. [Quality Guarantee]: We provide only new and original parts.
  5. [Price]: The prices we provided are based on the new and original parts, but we can offer a discount according to the quantity you order.
  6. [Payment]:We accept payment by T/T, Bank transfer, Western Union, Escrow and PayPal.
  7. [Fast delivery]: We will arrange shipment within 1-2 workingdays after confirming buyer's payment. If urgent, we will arrange the shipment on the very day. You can tell your sales if you have any special needs.
  8. [Shipment]:If you don't have an account with any courier, we can help you to prepare the transport on our side and prepay the shipping cost here. We will ensure the lowest shipment cost.
  9. [Tracking]: Please confirm the receipt of the products if you received the Parcel, and if the goods have any damage, please contact us immediately, and wewill send you the replacement at once.
  10. [Refund&Replacement]: If some of the items you received aren't of perfect performance by unexpected reasons, we would still responsibly arrange your refund or replacement. But the items must remain their original condition.
  11. [Domestic Cooperation]: We can be your native partner in China with our one-stop supply capacity. If you're in China, you're welcome to give us an investigation.
  12. [Others]:If you have any other question, please confirm with your sales.

Your satisfaction is our greatest pursuit!

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  • We are thechairman enterprise of the local electronic exporters association.
  • More than 500,000 ownstock inventory to meet your needs of different products.
  • Competitive price advantage helps to save your purchase cost and your precious time.
  • Own the international advanced testing equipment of electronic components and scientific storage system.
  • Excellent elite team, more than 10 years seniority, and a good understanding of international market trends.
  • Remarkable international reputation and keep a fixed philosophy.

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