Tipo K de guías de ferrocarril para cadena de rodillos

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$2.00 - $9.00 / Metro | 1000 Metro/s Tipo K de guías de ferrocarril para cadena de rodillos (Pedido mínimo)
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Shandong, China
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Tipo K guías de plástico carril para cadena de rodillos
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Verde, azul, blanco, negro, rojo
ISO9001: 2000 SGS CE
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Hdpe, uhmwpe
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Es un paso.
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Capacidad de suministro:
2000 Meter/Meters per Week Type K plastic guides rail for roller chain
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Por palets o según su solicitud
Tianjin or qingdao
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10-15days after receipt deposit
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Product Description


                                  Type K plastic guides rail for roller chain   





UHMW-PE(Ultra high Molecular Weight Polyethylene)is a thermoplastic engineering plastic with the average molecular weight more than 9.2 million (100% Virgin UHMW-PE Raw Material). This kind of material with five top performance of high-wear-resistance, good-chemical resistance, low-temperature resistance, self-lubrication and high-impact resistance, which is regarded as a “surprised” engineering plastic of excellent comprehensive capacity and competitive price. Guangzhou ONE-STOP Engineering Plastics Factory has studied and applied this material in many industries for many years. 




1. Very high-wear resistance,

2. Very high anti-impact resistance,

3. Good self-lubrication,

4. Good anti-corrosion resistance,

5. Very high-inadhesion resistance, 

6. Very high-impact resistance,

7. Good low temperature resistance, 

8. Non-toxic and clean property .


3. Application:

1. Paper making industry: T

2. Food and beverage light industry: 

3. Waste-water industry:

4. Electronic Industry: 

5. Textile industry: With its performance of high-wear resistance, anti-impact and good self-lubrication, the products, such as: strap knot, gear, cushion baffle, bearing bush and so on.

6. Sport and amusement industr

7. Medical industry

8. Chemical and other industry

9. Electronic Industry



Company Information

Dezhou Longya Rubber & Plastic Co.Ltd. is a modern hightech enterprise in the integration of R&D,production and market expansion of high performance engineering rubber and plastic products.Our products are widely used in food machinery,beer and beverage machinery,mining machinery,frozen machinery, paper machinery, building ceramic enterprises, solar manufacturing enterprises etc.We have a group of professional technicians ,and use advanced equipment,and operate under a complete scientific management system and test for quality.

   Our company maintains dozens of numerical control devices,advanced molding integration production lines,and complete testing equipment .We manage every production chain scientifically.All of our products use environmental friendly material and is tested strictly from source material to production to delivery processes.Our company can produce various high challenging parts and was invited many times to improve machines and develop new type of parts according to customers’ requests; increasing the performance of machines,productivity and gained good reputations. Our products are widely sold in China and exported to Europe,America and Japan and so on.

   Our main products:Ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene chain guide, wearing strip,  pipping cord,tube stock,bar, idler and various special-shaped products.Nylon, POM, ABS,  LDPE and other engineering plastic products, stainless steel products, rubber products



Feathures and benefi

Unique features


Abrasion resistance

Outwear steel 6:1

Chemical resistance

Resistant to most industrial acids,alkalis and solvents

Will not rust

Non Absorbent

No moisture absorption

Low coefficient of friction

Handles the worst of bulk materials assists in smooth,predictable flow


weight 1/8th that of steel

Easily Machined

Cut and drill with basic power tools


Fastener Selection

Wide range available for different conditions

WeldableSpace fame construction offers large cost savings




Our Services

1.OEM service is welcome.


2.We will provide all the details to you during the mass production.


3.Customize your mould according to your need.


4.Your requirements and complaints are highly respected.


5.Necessary test and certification can be obtained as you request.

Our factory   can  offer  other products as follows:



Contact us

Dezhou Longya Rubber & Plastics Co., Ltd.

Daisy Jiao

Phone:+8613853402691                 E-mail:Daisy(a)dzlongya.com

Address:Rm. 455, No. 758, Jiefang Middle Road, Decheng Dist., Dezhou, Shandong, China (Mainland)

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