Goma de procesamiento de petróleo para neumáticos

FOB Referencia Precio:Consiga El Último Precio
US $400-450 / Tonelada | 60 Tonelada/s Métrica/s (min. Order)
Capacidad de La fuente:
5000 Tonelada/s Métrica/s por Mes
Middle East, Singapore
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visión general
Detalles rápidos
Lugar del origen:
United Arab Emirates
Número de Modelo:
Viscosidad cinemática @ 100 C, cSt:
17-34 max
Flash punto C:
Vierta punto C:
35 max
Gravedad específica @ 15,6 C/15,6 C:
Anilina punto C:
60 max
Contenido de cenizas, wt %:
0,75 max
Ácido no. mg KOH/g:
Tubo interior, carcasa de neumático
Packaging & Delivery
Tanque ISO, nuevos tambores de acero o granel
Plazo de entrega
Enviado en 20 días después del pago



Established in 2006, we are a Singapore registered petrochemical company with business that spans across the globe.


Our main products are Rubber Process Oil, Virgin Base Oil, Motor Oil, and Bitumen.


Our main business scope are Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Australia, New

Zealand, Korea, The Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, South Africa and Middle East.


Please take a moment to view our current selection of products and do not hesitate to contact us with any queries.

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible trade experience. 



Rubber Process Oils (RPO) are used to improve the processability of rubber compounds or to increase the

bulk of rubber in order to lower cost.  They can can be broadly classified into three basic groups namely, parafinics,

napthenics and aromatics.  They are used in a large variety of finished products in the chemical and manufacturing



We supply a wide range of high quality RPO as we recognise the crucial role that RPO plays in your products and



DAE (Distillate Aromatic Extract) are rich aromatic by products from solvent extracting process.   




As component in rubber formulation and manufacturing of products such as automobile tires, rubber shock absorbers,
footwear, industrial hoses, wire and cable coverings, flooring materials and carrier fluid or solvent in the manufacture
of adhesives, sealants, polishes and carbon black.
  • Low staining
  • Low volatility
  • Good solubility properties
  • Elastomer compatibility







Packing in new steel drums





Delivery time: 4 weeks upon receipt of approved L/C



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