Bodengleiter rentable fieltro, protección práctica para sillas y mesas, muebles baratos Planeadores

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40 Unidad/es (min. Order)
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Effner internacional limitada
Número de Modelo:
1. material:
Placa de plástico con almohadilla de fieltro
2. Montaje:
Por clavo de acero
3. Diámetro:
2,2 cm
4. profundidad de corte:
Ca. 1,5 cm
5. edición:
Plástico y fieltro aprox. 0,5 cm
6. packaging:
Cada embalado en una bolsa de 40 unidades
Packaging & Delivery
Plazo de entrega
Ca. 3 Werktage
Product Description


Gentle to the ground:
Our products are characterized by their flexibility. Naturally, such a shifting of the furniture is not to be avoided.
In order to protect the floor and the furniture, "floor gliders" are the perfect protection under the feet of the furniture. In case their favorite furniture does not yet have such a protection, or you want to replace the old protection, this set of floor guards is exactly right for you.
The used felt layer is particularly gentle to the floor and thus prevents any damage caused by a displacement of the furniture. The plastic that surrounds the felt works as a frame. Thus, the felt does not soak on the edge so quickly, and the lifetime of the schooner is increased. Also, a higher stability of the furniture is produced, since the support surface is clearly defined.

Fixed fixing:
Many felt-cutters can only be glued with the piece of furniture and should protect it.
However, since we know the problem of simple gluing, we have considered a higher-quality solution:
Through the metal tip, the plastic sliders can be firmly connected to the legs of the piece of furniture. Inadvertent detachment and slipping is thus eliminated in almost all cases.

Good value:
With all practical advantages, we also pay attention to their financial requirements. Our top prices always offer a low-price offer at high quality, so that you have a long-term price of their product. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our service team.

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materialPlastic plate with felt pad
MountingBy steel nail
diameter2,2 cm
Cutting depthCa. 1,5 cm
editionPlastic and felt approx. 0.5 cm
packaging40 pieces each packed in a bag





Payment Options


We offer various payment options. Please contact us for further details.


Packaging & Shipping


  1. Our products are packed according to the international export packing standards for seaworthy packing: carton box, plastic bag, wooden or iron/steel pallet or container.
  2. We can also deliver our products carefully packed according to customer requirement. Please contact us for getting further details.
  3. Packaging includes the full set of documents and (if necessary) operate maintenance and engine operate manual, spare parts list and set of inspection certificate issued by manufacturer.
Company Information

Effner International Limited


Effner International Ltd. provides the online shop unbeatable at cheap tables, folding tables, chairs and accessories such as chair cushions and ganging etc.. The price lists are staggered according to quantities and stocks are displayed always up to date. Before online shopping & Chairs Tables Folding tables, you can view them live, try and test it out in the numerous exhibitions in Germany, Austria & Switzerland. Better & cheaper is. Online Shopping at a Furniture Importer & wholesaler nearly impossible. Take advantage of this unique opportunity!



E-Mail Addresseffner-international[at]
AddressLiebigstr. 14
48712, Gescher



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